Saturday, May 27, 2006

Perdue's NEW 65% Plan

Sonny Perdue has a brand new sixty-five percent solution for Georgia schools. It involves giving schools about 65% of what they actually need. For example, consider for a moment the new "completion counselors" that Sonny touts so proudly as his solution to the dropout rate. The Perdue Team is providing districts with $40,000 per counselor when each position will actually cost a school district about $60,000. Plus, I hear that it's possible that local school districts- not the state - will have to absorb the cost of distributing Sonny's "$100 a Vote" teacher gift cards. (I wonder if the cards will go out with a "Paid for by Committee to Re-Elect Sonny Perdue" sticker?) Add the cost of these two gimmicks together, and I'd say Sonny's applying a brand new 65% rule. By the way, some districts are saying "no thanks" to the completion counselors. Sonny's squeezing them so tight with unfunded mandates they simply cannot afford to absorb a portion of those salaries and benefits.

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