Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Perdue: One of America's Three Worst Governors

Alternet makes the case today that Switcharoo Perdue is one of America's three worst Governors. He shares the 'Worst Governor' title with Colorado Gov. Owen and Maryland Gov. Ehrlich.

They'll get no argument from me. Below is the portion of their article that relates to Perdue:

Georgia: Sonny Perdue

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue is by no means the best known Southern Governor (that claim to fame probably goes to Jeb Bush or to Haley Barbour, featured in our sidebar). His story is an amazing one, from how he got elected to his presiding over a period of resurgence in Georgia that is less conservative and more wingnut fringe.

The race bait and switch: During his campaign for Governor, Sonny Perdue criticized the incumbent Roy Barnes for changing Georgia's state flag to remove the Confederate Battle Flag. Some observers credit this move with his victory. Following his election, he held a referendum on replacing the Barnes flag, but didn't include Confederate Battle Flag imagery as an option.

Education malpractice: Perdue
backed, passed, and signed a version of the 65% Distraction requiring that Georgia schools spend 65% of their budgets "in the classroom." The proposal is nothing more than political fluff that ignores such necessary school expenses as nurses and schoolbuses. Perdue made it a centerpiece of his education agenda.

Economic boondoggles: Flustered by economic flight out of Georgia (spurred, perhaps, by bad education policy and questionable racial politics?), Perdue felt pressure to deliver. So after Ford and GM pulled up their stakes, Georgia's Governor
landed $400 million in incentives for Korean automaker Kia to build a plant in Georgia. The plant is expected to create 2,500 jobs at a cost of $160,000 a piece to the state.

Conservative robots: In addition to passing poorly thought-out rightwing ideas like the 65% Solution (see above), Perdue's election to the Governor's office was
quickly followed by Georgia's establishment as ALEC's prime state, moving multiple model bills, including asbestos tort deform and legislation to shut down Atlanta's living wage ordinance.

Scapegoating immigrants: In a time of immigrant scapegoating, Perdue and his rightwing allies in Georgia have taken the cake -- passing a bill that
threatens immigrants while basically letting employers, especially unscrupulous ones, off the hook. While happily claiming that they've passed the harshest measure in the country, Perdue smiles and says that "Georgia's government is not, and this bill is not, anti-immigrant." Right. It's just in favor of immigrant exploitation. That's a big difference.


Button Gwinnett said...

He'll get no arguments from me. From his narrow minded social ideas to his mishandling of education, he's the worst GA governor in my memory. Oh well, at least he should be popular in South Korea. After all, they got more representation out of him on the Kia deal than hard working Georgians.

Virigil said...

Instead of the continued bashing of each other, come up with some positive solutions. You aren't doing any good by harboring this hatred. I am fan of american automanufacturing and have owned a Ford my 26 years of driving, bu the autoworkers have shot themselves in the foot with greed. Do you feel the same way for the plants in Democratic controlled states, probably not. And the education system gets more than enough funding, again get rid of the union, hold people accountable and the problem would be resolved.

Amy Morton said...

Democrats have, through their candidates, put forward an agenda for Georgia that will make a difference in all of these areas. Cathy Cox, in fact, just published her Covenant statement. You should take a trip to her website where it is available to read.

No one hates anyone here. This is not a personal attack but instead a critique of his inability to move Georgia forward. Perdue will be held accountable for his record. I agree with you: we need to hld people accountable starting with our Governor.

Paul said...

In reference to the BoyScout Governor Purdue......
I can't even respect his Title of Governor: Mr.Purdue, not only looses touch with reality, but belittles the Georgia Citizens Intelligence. Mr. Purdue states that Georgians are overreacting with the Fuel shortage because we are over extending our fuel tanks due to panic, however, if the NUTCASE would have use his 2 Clueless terms to create a More Proactive Approach to Mass Transportation, then a great percentage of Georgia Commerce would still continue to thrive without Strong Dependency on driving --- I won't even mention how his DELIBERATE and UNETHICAL delay in responding to this shortage is completely TREASON...

In short Mr. Purdue is a Joke