Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Perdue's Pitiful Pandering

Bill Shipp has a novel idea today: perhaps we should hold governor's elections every twelve months. Maybe then, our children's schools would get the attention needed on a consistent basis. As it is, Governor Perdue spent three years starving public education with cuts of 2.3 billion, including 1.25 billion that directly impacted local school districts, and now, in an election year, he wants to brag about restoring some of he cut, providing long over due teacher raises and finally moving to reduce class size. Of course, he did not arrange to pay for all of that, leaving local districts looking (to you) for millions.

Today, Bill Shipp addresses Perdue's election-it is in a column called "Perdue's 'Commitment' to Georgia Schools is Mere Pandering." To read Shipp's advice to a Georgia newcomer, click here. The whole piece is worth reading, but here's my favorite bit:

So, dear newcomer, don't be nervous about Georgia schools. They are going to get better and better. If Georgia could hold a governor's election every 12 months instead of once every four years, the Peach State would have an excellent education system in no time. Pandering is not always immoral, is it?

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