Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Perdue's Political Theater

Ignore the feigned outrage. The truth is that The Perdue Team is celebrating. Heck, they've probably already sent Judge Russell a thank you note. Perdue is doing his best Snoopy dance as he prepares once again to use his power to convene, at taxpayer's expense, a special session of the Georgia legislature.

Oh, yes, we know all about the Perdue propensity for political theater. After all, he just spent 30 thousand in state funds on an after prom party (read: earned media opportunity). Plus, we have election year teacher raises, gift cards, the 65 % Deception and (largely unfunded) mandates to reduce class size. Hey, he was willing to spend tens of thousands last year to bring the legislature back to address the gas tax- something he could've accomplished without a vote of the General Assembly.

How could we expect him to resist the rosy prospect of putting a divisive, controversial and completely unnecessary question on the November ballot? After all, it passed the Governor's litmus test of political expediency. Sonny, with his coffers full, will get to shut down his opponent's fundraising and pose daily for the camera while he pretends to care about family values. As an extra bonus, he gets to repeat some of those prized Republican catch-phrases like "protecting marriage" and "activist judges." I know he just hates that. It's a virtual neo-conservative utopia!

From our Governor, we should expect leadership, fiscal responsibility and statesmanship. But not from Sonny. What he's consistently given us, and all we can apparently hope for, is political gamesmanship funded from the public coffers while ignoring the public interest.

This, I will wager: when Sonny lies down at night, his thoughts have nothing to do with preventing gay nuptials and everything to do with how he can get you to pay for his effort to get re-elected.

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