Thursday, May 11, 2006

What Has Sonny Done Now???

Is State Health on life support? Does there need to be an outside audit of the State Employee's Health Benefit Program? Has one ever been done? I am beginning to think we need to do some serious checking because the signs are that all is not well. It's just a observation, and one not first raised by me, but instead over on Peach Pundit. Why?

This session, with overwhelming bipartisan support, the legislature passed a bill that would allow a surviving spouse of a state employee killed in the line of duty (think: State Trooper) to continue to buy health insurance through the state employee's health insurance system. This bill was vetoed by Governor Perdue with the comment that the state would have to absorb the cost of such coverage without the benefit of the person providing services to the state.

In addition to this being cruel and ungrateful ("You're wife was just shot in the line of duty, and, by the way, your health insurance is terminated.") is it also a signal that all is not well with State Health? This is not the first sign of trouble. We all remember the problems caused by Sonny's knee-jerk change of insurance providers that threatened to leave thousands of Georgia employees without access to their doctor.

I'm suggesting that these two events, especially the Governor's choice to veto a very popular bill, in an election year, could very well be a signal that all is not well. Somebody needs to do some checking. When and how is this program audited?

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