Monday, June 5, 2006

Another Georgian for President?

Sometimes Democrats are accused of nominating candidates that are so far removed from the mainstream, they have no hope of getting elected. Fear not, we have nothing on the Republicans. Buzz over at Peach Pundit reports that a Georgia Boy, good ol' Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, who resigned (after his predicted thirty seat pick up ended in a five seat loss in 1998) was the top vote getter in a presidential straw poll of Republican party activists in Minnesota. By the way, the Washington Post offers an interesting catalogue of The Gingrich Ethics Probe. If I had that kind of baggage, I wouldn't be running for dog catcher. But, hey, why not? He'll fit right in with Scooter, Dick, Tom, Rove and the rest.

Newt for President? I really don't think that dog will hunt, but maybe the important point is that party activists seldom reflect the pulse of the average voter. Some of the things that get our attention matter very little to the guy on the street. For example, I have talked to several people today, some even elected officials, who have no idea who is running for Lt. Governor.

We can predict all we want. Unfortunately, most Georgians will not vote in the July primary. Of those who do, they will not tune in until about two weeks before the race, and they're going to vote for the candidate they "like" the best.

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