Friday, June 16, 2006

Cathy Cox is On a Roll

The Cox Campaign is steadily gathering momentum and will roll through Middle Georgia again this weekend. Both in terms of staff and time spent personally, Cox has made a significant investment in the region. On Saturday, dozens of Middle Georgians will host a fundraiser and BBQ at the Ag Center in Perry from 3 pm- 5 pm, and on Monday, Cathy will join more than sixty hosts and other supporters for a fundraiser at The Georgia Children's Museum in Macon from 6-7:30 pm.

Plus, last night I attended a women's event for Cathy in Atlanta, and, despite Taylor's claims, her support among women is strong and growing. More than 350 people attended this event and raised over $100,000.00. Cathy may not have a trust fund to bank on, but she can count on Georgia women to support her historic campaign.

Speaking of making history, can you imagine the paradigm shift that would occur if, in November, the national headline read: "Democrat Cathy Cox Defeats Perdue to Become Georgia's First Female Governor." I can almost hear the national republican machine grinding to a halt. No, we shouldn't vote for Cathy just because she's a women, but, instead because this smart, competent women will make the best governor and is the only democrat who can defeat Sonny Perdue. Remember: it doesn't matter who wins in July if they can't beat Perdue in November. Cathy can.

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