Friday, June 2, 2006

Cox Takes Macon By Storm

I have been around a lot of political campaigns, but I have never witnessed anything quite like Cathy Cox's visit to Macon tonight. Not only did voters welcome Cathy, dozens volunteered to work on the campaign. This is the third time in seven days that Cox has visited the city, first for a volunteer canvass, then to attend Soul Jam with David Lucas, and today for First Friday. She has also hired staff and opened a campaign office in Macon.

The skies threatened rain, but tonight, the only storm in town was Cathy. Moving from venue to venue, she spent more than four hours downtown talking with voters while volunteers were busy distributing bumper stickers and campaign literature. She began at the Georgia Children's Museum, where she was greeted by many supporters including City Council President Anita Ponder, Ann Carol Daniel, Robert Reichert and Rep. Robert Ray. Next, she visited with Mike and Lynn Cass at Macon Arts. Then, she was a guest of Jami Gaudet at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame where the Gaudets were celebrating the twentieth anniversary of The Gaudet Baseball Clinic. When she stopped by The Georgia Music Hall of Fame, a visitor called out "There's the next Governor of Georgia!" Her last stop of the evening was The JazzPlex where she was welcomed warmly.

So, what's remarkable about that? The diversity and the commitment of her supporters. Black and white, young and old, men and women- not only were they ready to vote for Cathy, person after person made it clear that they are ready for change in Georgia. They not only responded to creating a government that responds to all the people, but they offered to volunteer to help Cathy spread that message. These folks are ready to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to get her elected.

And by the way, the single most common comment I heard was "are you going to take care of our teachers?" She responded with a resounding "yes", noting that her sisters are teachers.

Cathy had a great evening in Macon- a great media coverage, too. I'll sum it up with the words of a gleeful supporter she greeted at a sidewalk cafe'. He said, "Forget those babies on TV, now this is what I call a campaign!"


tribalecho said...

Hi Amy. Long time no type. I was just wondering if you could tell what Sonny said and did when the Congressional Repubs tried to pass SB 50, almost before they unpacked their book(assuming they only read the bible for policy guidence) when they first took the lege. got. I noticed his new commercial is about protecting your property rights from that radical judiciary. Did he threaten a veto when his comrades tried to weaken property rights. I've googled a bit but can't find anything. TIA.

Amy Morton said...

Hmmm..I will find out. Good question. I followed that battle during the 2005 session and this year and I recall that Sonny threw the veto word around with regard to the wording of the constitutional amendment. I'll check.