Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dent Ducks, Taylor a No Show

Tom Crawford reports that when Rick Dent was confronted about whether Taylor intended to show for the GPA debate today, Dent reached for his cellphone to "absolutely confirm" that with his scheduling staff. Apparently, even Dent didn't know whether Taylor intended to show.

If Taylor cannot honor his commitment to show up for this important opportunity to set forth his plan for Georgia, then how can we trust him to honor his commitments to the voters? How can we know whether he has a plan at all? Would he have us just take him at his word?

If Mark Taylor is afraid to face a few tough questions from the Georgia press, then, clearly, he is not ready to be Governor. His failure to show up demonstrates a lack of leadership, courage and character.


Button Gwinnett said...

I received an email from the Cox campaign that contained a letter from Cathy outlining 4 key policy proposals as part of her vision for Georgia. These would've likely been topics of discussion tonight had Taylor been willing to show up. It's one of the regular emails that I get just for being on her mailing list.

I'm also on Taylor's mailing list. But I never get anything like this from him. I never get anything of any substance from him. I get vague, generalized feel-good statements that reminds me of what you get when you crack open a fortune cookie.

For all of the criticism that Cathy took for being "all fluff," as it turns out, it's the Lt. Gov. who either doesn't want to talk about policy, or doesn't have any to offer.

Perhaps that's why Taylor won't be showing up in Savannah tonight. It's hard to talk about policy when you don't have any policies to talk about.

Lyman Hall said...

Is this a joke? One candidate proposes PeachKids, removing sales tax on OTC drugs, restoring HOPE cuts, fully funding education, and 2 strikes for violent offenders. The other candidate proposes changing the tune and/or tone under the Gold Dome. I'll let you figure out which is which.

Button Gwinnett said...

lyman, I expect Taylor to talk about his legislative record. He should talk about it. It's PART of what goes into any campaign. But he's not running for a legislative position. He's running for and administrative one, the office of governor.

He's got to set an agenda and then have a plan to go about achieving its goals. We have a rough idea of what his goals are, which is basically what every politician says. But, other than healthcare, we don't have the foggiest idea of what he intends to do in the future.

As voters, we have a right to know what that agenda is. And we have the right to ask questions on how he intends to carry that agenda out. "Vision" has been a buzz word in the political world now for a long time. Any candidate worth his/her salt has some.

And you can go to Cox's website and get those answers from her. She's got large pdf files filled with detailed information on what she intends to do. Just as she set out in the email that I mentioned earier. Why can't we get that from Taylor? What your vision is is part of the equation too.

Lyman Hall said...

The governor's office is an executive one (not merely an administrative one). So, yes, what you have done is a good indicator of what you will "execute" when in office. But, I know that record is not the only important part of a campaign. The items I listed are the Lt. Gov's future agenda--not old accomplishments. I know you can already find those on his website.

Sure the SOS may have detailed policy papers on her website, but who do you think is reading those? Not your average voter. Her campaign needs to start getting a policy-driven mesage out to the people. Make big ideas quickly understood. If all I'm seeing is the TV ads, I've seen her introduce herself on a porch, talk generally about education, and invite me to come to work with her. Not exactly policy-heavy, "wonkish" stuff. The Lt. Gov. talks about issues in each of his ads since the first, intro endorsement from Amb. Young.

To dismiss "healthcare" as the only plan is an oversight. PeachKids is the single most detailed, concrete plan advanced in this race. You can pull this legislation that was offered by Sen. Steen Miles. Its based on the Illinois program and ready to roll. Georgia RX for Seniors--using the state's bargaining power to get lower priced drugs--is another concrete healthcare proposal.

Finally, it is naive to believe that just because the SOS's "vision" is working across party lines that the GOP will be willing to work with her back if she were to move across the hall in the Capitol. Our message in the Fall has to be more than "we are going to play nice." That's no reason for Georgians to throw out an incumbent governor. Sonny is the most cuddly, "nicest" mascot we've had in a while. I like the fact that the Lt. Gov. is battle-tested and ready to stand up to legislators to advance his agenda. He will offer reasons for the people of Georgia to elect a new Governor.

That said, I hope the SOS will beat Saxby so she can have a fuller record next time she runs for governor.

Button Gwinnett said...

Lyman, I'm sorry, I misread your post. The items you listed aren't meant as part of his legislative history but as part of the themes he's talked about during this campaign. My apologies.

But for the record, Cox also talks about each of those same items with the possible exception of 2 strikes - I'm not sure that I've seen her mention that.

The difference is Cox takes most of those things further and talks about plans on how to achieve those goals. When I read about Taylor's healthcare proposal, I did not see any explanations of how he intended to fund it. In other areas like education, he advocates the things you said. But I've heard little to no details on how he'll go about doing it.

Contrast that with something like Cox's farm-grow fuels plan that includes time tables and specific interval goals on a steering committee, how to build the infrastructure, and then how to proceed with meeting the plan's stated purpose.