Thursday, June 29, 2006

Election By Litigation?

According to an Associated Press article that appeared today in the online version of the Macon Telegraph, a supporter of Taylor has sued Peter Jackson for defamation. The Cox campaign's response? "Another day, another frivolous lawsuit." I am not personally making any judgment about the merits of the man's case. I do note that the Taylor Campaign has itself already sued Cox over the open records request. And, according to the article, the supporter is represented by the Taylor Campaign lawyer, Lee Parks. Is that a coincidence?

I am not attracted to litigious campaigns. Some candidates consider running into the courtroom an acceptable campaign tactic. I think for most voters, it's a turn-off. We see what happens when courts decide elections. His name is "W." And he is still the President.


demblogs said...

This lawsuit is just another attempt by the Taylor campaign to take the focus off of real issues, something they are experts at doing. In the case of Benjamin Cawthon I find it very difficult to believe that he was paying more attention at a Lion's Club meeting 13 years ago than a reporter covering the speaker. I hear from people in South Georgia that Cawthon is now doing radio ads for Taylor against Cox on the lottery issue. This reeks of a payoff and with Lee Parks in the picture I feel more certain of it.

Ed Hula III said...

A) the Taylor campaign is not suing the CC campaign
B) an Individual is suing the CC campaign because of slander.

I am loathe to jump in when campaigns start saying that the other lies et al, but this time it is true. Cawthon has a case, CC doesn't.

You think that litigious campaigns are disagreeable, I do to. What is worse is when campaigns set themselves up for lawsuits and then thinks that those actions are ok.

CC supporters you are on a sinking ship. Shut up with your hypocracy of not wanting someone's character attacked and then lying about a supporter's (not even the candidates for god's sake) character.

You should be ashamed.

Ed Hula III said...

PS: for the record--a decent journalist will do several interviews throughout a year, if they are any good. If he or she can remember context of one interview 13 years ago they are either:

A) possesed with a god given skill to remember things like that. And i doubt that such a journalist would be working at a small Ga paper. Or

B) not have done many interviews since then and not worth two shakes of a stick.

I also doubt Cawthon is a much better source than the journalist as to the context of the speech. But let me ask all CC supporters of this pathetic campaign, how is a direct qoute taking something out of context?

I've asked that before and still not been answered.

demblogs said...

Oh, okay Ed..."sinking ship campaign, shut-up with your hypocisy, you should be ashamed" what a mouthful....are you done now? 1) I am aware that CC is not being sued-her campaign manager is. 2)I am aware that Taylor is not suing CC-- not over this matter anyway. 3) Just because a guy chooses to live in a small town where the air is clean, traffic is non existent and kids can play after dark in the streets doesn't mean that he is less of a journalist than someone sitting behind a desk at a big city newspaper. About the editor; don't you think he takes notes? You obviously do not know much about reporting--you bring up "direct quoting"-is this confusing? It's spring 1993, Cox is a freshmen legislator-just elected in 1992-the lottery has just been passed statewide. Cox is speaking to a group of Lions members and says, "I did not vote for the lottery"....this is not to be confused with I voted against the lottery or when I was in the voters booth ALONE I did not vote for the lottery as a private citizen. Do you know that she was one of 5 elected officials to canvas the state for the lottery--explaining the impact it had on education. Did you know she pushed for lifting the cap on family incomes for HOPE making anyone who wants it eligible? She did alot to support HOPE as a legislator--how could all this come from someone opposing it? Please explain and without all the drama and insults would be great.

Button Gwinnett said...

Yes it's funny how some people get very selective in their observations of an opponent's voting record. Look at what Cathy did for HOPE over the long haul. Amy's posted it here not once, not twice, but THREE times. Wonder why she never gets any responses to that? Probably because it slams the case shut on Cathy's record of support of HOPE.

What I want to know from this point forward is what our candidates intend to do to MOVE FORWARD. That's all I'm interested in. And I want to know what each one wants to do with education in general. Cox has a plan for education. I can go right to her web site and get it. It's a tangible thing. I can see it, read it, print it out, and touch it if I want. I'm hoping that her opponent will get around to doing the same thing. Because HOPE doesn't mean a darn thing if Georgia continues to be a leader in drop outs, contintues to underfund rural school systems, overload teachers with administrative duties taking time away from instruction time, and the list goes on.

It would be nice to see folks adding to the conversation, not continuing the distractions that have seemed to prevail during this campaign. It's destructive. Some solid discussion of Cox's plan or something that Taylor has said about education would be much more CONstructive. After all, the frustration with distractions all ties into Amy's original post.

Ed Hula III said...

Hey demblogs,

your right, he could have taken notes on the context of her speech. However, as a journalist, let me tell you that is very ineffective to do that, and a bad way to report because you are not focusing on the facts at hand.

The other reason I think it is specious to say that the reporter knows the true context of what she said is that it is never mentioned in the story. Further more, if he did have the notes proving that her statements were out of context, why doesn't he present them?

Of your points that you make for her support of the lottery, only one specifically refers to the lottery so I will deal with that.

If she did so much work for the lottery why did she say that she "did not vote for the lottery" ? If she was such a supporter of the lottery, why would she go--on record--saying that she did not vote for it?

Now don't get me wrong, I am not questioning if she supports HOPE or not. CC is not a callous, cold woman (and she is a Democrat and a Georgian), of course she she supports HOPE!

I think it was stupid of MT to make it seem like she doesn't support HOPE (although she should, and could have, found away to change the discussion to MT). I just don't understand how her campaign could be

she's won statewide before, taking more votes than any democrat in 02 remember, so why has she forgotten what it takes to win? It's frustrating as a Dem that one of our few statewide electable candidates forgets how to get the job done. And it doesn't seem like she is able to right the ship...

Possum said...

Oh, for God's sake! Who cares? Is this all the Democrats have to talk about? Who would want to vote for either of these losers? No wonder the Democratic Party of Georgia is dead. Talk about being ashamed of yourselves.

Amy Morton said...

Possum, you'd have to be asleep to miss the mess that Sonny's made. We may fuss with each other over Cox and Taylor, but for the most part, we will be together after July 18th and turn our attention to the real opposition- Perdue. We'll have plenty to say about the mess he's made. Let's see, increased secrecy in government, a virtual blank check for developers, law afte law that costs the state money because they can't pass constitutional muster. I have an idea. Why don't we just make all the laws part of the constitution, that way we can avoid these little snags. I probably shouldn't say that- some idiot will think it's a good idea!

Ed Hula III said...

"We may fuss with each other over Cox and Taylor, but for the most part, we will be together after July 18th and turn our attention to the real opposition- Perdue."

Yea actually if CC wins (or any of the other dems...) I will *wholeheartedly* support and work for that candidate. I mean volunteer, dontate, the whole nine yards because really, I don't care who wins the nomination, I just prefer one candidate ;D

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