Wednesday, June 14, 2006

From the Comments: The Irrational Radical Right

There have been a lot of good comments on the HPV post, and I want to particularly
thank "Bezerko"for the following comment. This offers good resources and additional information about why this is such a destructive way to approach public health policy
and should inspire you to write that letter to the CDC before June 28th!
(And I have fixed the link in the previous post.)

Hi Amy,

I think it's important to note that, though not totally necessary at birth -

that is a good idea if it is possible(?) to administer the vaccine after birth,
this vaccine has to be given to young girls before they become sexually
active, and therein lies the (IRRATIONAL) rub. Somehow, and I'm
speculating here because I haven't heard their arguments against it -
and what possible rational grounds could the fundy community argue
against this - administering the vaccine would be tacit approval of sexual
activity for underaged girls. This is an irrational and unreasonable position,
not to mention INSANE! Further proof that the Fundamentalist Christian
community is out of control and lost all touch with and any concept of REALITY.

I'm glad you posted something about this, I clicked on the Hill article

and the link was no good. Is this -

- the article?.

There was a good article last year in an issue of American Prospect

Katha Pollitt points out Oklahoma's fundy nutcase Tom Coburn is in a
difficult position on this, he has counseled for years that the HPV can be
transmitted even with condom use, but if there's a vaccine to prevent the
HPV, then this argument, on scientific grounds, is pointless.

Also, there was an article posted on Alternet

I haven't had the chance to read this one.

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