Friday, June 16, 2006

Give The (Big) Guy a Break!

Gentle, please! Both the press and Cathy Cox have been just a little rough on the Big Guy over the last couple of days, and while he may appear big and strong, he does have that softer, feminine side and deserves a little TLC.

First, it seems that some Taylor supporters think that "Big Guy" refers to Taylor's girth, and that Cox's new ad is just too tough. Come on, Cathy, that's his best campaign slogan. So what if most Georgians are tired of Big Guys who only scratch the backs of other Big Guys? So what is most of us want government that works for everyone? Just be nice, Cathy, and leave poor Mark alone.

Plus, the press has been totally unfair about Taylor's disappearing act for the GPA debate and his absence at the Georgia Chamber debate. After all, he had to attend the fundraisers to keep those babies on the air. Raising money is much more important than answering a few tough questions for Georgia voters. So, back off. After all, he just might get his feelings hurt, and we wouldn't want that. After all, this is just a race for governor.

It had to hurt today as Taylor woke to headlines like these:

I don't see what all the outrage is about. We don't really need to hear from the Big Guy. Perhaps he should just skip all the debates. The babies are cute, and that's all that matters. At least, I'm sure that's how voters will see things on July 18th: Big Time!


Cyndi Lynn said...

I'm really not sure. I'm totally torn. I like what she says in the commercial, but I have read a few things on the blogs that perks my interest. Cathy Cox seems like more of a big guy like what she is referring to. Here is just one of the posts carrying the same theme. Tell me what you think.

This was on Georgia Politics 101 posted by Jo:

"1. Cox is as much an insider as anyone else in this race. Painting herself as an outsider contrary to the facts is going to make her look like a liar and she already has an issue with trust in her campaign. She took over her fathers legislative seat. Then she was selected to be Assistant SOS before she ran for that seat and her husband's a lobbyist. This is enough to show that she has been in politics for a while and is a complete insider. "

Amy Morton said...

It's not about the office you hold, it's about who you serve with that office and whose opinions you value. That's a key difference in Cox and Taylor.

Lyman Hall said...

I sure hope you attack Perdue has much as you attack Taylor after he wins the primary in July.

How is being married to an Atlanta lobbyist being an outsider? I'm sure she "values his opinion" and there's nothing wrong with that. If you want to get something done with a Republican legislature, you're going to have to play hardball.

Amy Morton said...

Do we really want to begin a discussion about spouses? Don't worry, Perdue is the real target here. This is not a popularity contest. I like both Mark and Cathy, but I am focused on how we defeat Sonny. I honestly feel that Cathy is the candidate who can defeat him. I have seen nothing to indicate that Mark can do that.