Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mark Taylor is No "Tough Guy"

If today's article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is any indication, Taylor is trying to rescue the floundering "Big Guy" slogan and transform himself into the "Tough Guy." Uhmm....I don't blame him, but I just don't think that it quite works. Mark Taylor is no tough guy. There's certainly nothing tough about being born with a silver truck in your mouth and having things you need in life handed to you on a silver platter. And there's nothing tough about Taylor repeatedly avoiding a face to face debate with Cathy Cox. This "tough guy" is running from a girl.

Again this weekend, Taylor spurned two such opportunities to appear with Cox. First, at GABEO, Taylor's "plane was late" preventing him from sharing the stage with Cox. She spoke first, and then he followed, later. I wonder if there's any truth to the rumor that Cathy's speech was recorded and Mark viewed it prior to speaking himself? Probably not. Mark Taylor is the King of Fair Play and would never take unfair advantage of such a situation. Tomorrow, GMA has invited the candidates to appear, and once again, Cox will be there, and Taylor will be absent.

This has become a pattern, and there's nothing tough about it. Cathy Cox, on the other hand has repeatedly shown up to share a stage with an empty seat. She is more than willing to have an open discussion on the issues- a discussion that Taylor is running from. It's easy to hurl allegations when the person you're accusing is not there to respond. Don't we need a Governor who will show up for the tough questions? Don't we want to elect someone who honors that responsibility to the voters?

It is hypocritical for Mark Taylor to avoid early debates when some are transporting voters to Boards of Elections (beginning now) to fill out absentee ballot requests and vote immediately. These voters and those who participate in early voting will not have the opportunity to hear all the televised debates prior to the election. But that is not important to Tough Guy Mark Taylor.

There's also nothing tough about sending surrogates out to do your fighting for you as Taylor has repeatedly done through the course of this campaign. Can he not speak for himself? Has someone heard a commercial where Mark Taylor looks at the camera and tells the voters what he will do?

Mark Taylor is a child of privilege. He's no tough guy. He's just a Fat Cat that scratches the back of other Fat Cats, and we've had enough of that in Georgia politics.


Lyman Hall said...

Please stop spewing your venom for one second and check the facts. In his commericial "Big Idea" the Lt. Gov. directly addresses the voters and pitches his Georgia RX program. View the ad at or here:

Further, your attacks about a silver spoon ring hollow when CC too her father's seat in the legislature and is married to a lobbyist! Then, she got a appointment to the SOS office which led to her getting elected. Another nice prop up. She is not an outsider. Stop trying to make her one. Instead of trying to be an outsider, why doesn't CC look directly into a camera and tell me what she is going to do for average Georgians? She looks into the camera and says she's not the Big Guy. That isn't going to help me pay for OTC drugs, healthcare for my child, or educate my child. Why doesn't CC tell the voters something? Tell us in a way we will see. I'm not going to be at the GMA or GABEO meeting. I'm busy trying to go to work; I'll wait for the televised debates. Anyway, debates are inside baseball. Nobody is listening to this shrill attack. Stop. You look foolish. And desperate.

Amy Morton said...

Lyman: Speaking of shrill....I have not seen that commercial. Perhaps it is not playing in my market. That's why I asked the question. But, in the ones I have seen, Mark does not talk, and I have thought that odd since the beginning. Several other people have mentioned that to me as well.

Also, check your facts. It is not as if Cathy "took" her father's seat like it was an inheritance. He had been dead for three years when she ran for that seat against an incumbent male democrat. And I would hope that voters would consider experience in the SOS office as a reason to vote for Cathy, who was the first female SOS in Georgia and who won re-election with over 60% of the vote. In terms of Mark's idea of cutting the sales tax on drugs, that's an intersting way of offering consumer relief without costing pharmaceutical compainies a dime. Wonder why he would take that route?

And, by the way, I ask again, do you really want to get into a discussion of spouses?

No one makes you read this blog, so if you don't like what you read, fine, but it's entirely your choice.

justin said...

I think Mark wants to cut the sales taxes on medicine because that's what his consulting people are telling him to do. You see, Mark uses the same people to consult and make his ads as Bill Richardson of New Mexico does.

The very same issue of cutting food and medicine taxes is mentioned in Richardson's commercials. The commercials of both look strikingly similiar.

You can see Bill Richardson's commercials so that you can compare them here.

Taylor Troll said...

Justin, it is pretty common for candidates to use the same consultants as other candidates. For example, Cathy uses the same polling firm as Gov Richardson as well as Joe Liebermann. Does anyone else have ads similar to Cox's, well I would be surprised considering they suck so much. Who cares if Taylor has similar proposals and TV ads as another Democrat running for governor?

The lottery was a Carville tactic successfully used in a 1987 Kentucky governor's race that was duplicated here in Georgia in 1990.

I also find it humorous that people on this site consider a candidate's willingness to talk directly to camera in an ad somehow related to their fitness for office. Mark does have an ad where he talks to the camera directly, you can see it on his website. Regardless of that he and his campaign are confident enough to step back from the cult of personality and run good effective ads without making sure they necessarily focus 100% on Mark.

That is probably the biggest problem of the Cox campaign. Their attitude seems to be everyone else already does or will love Cathy as much as they do if they just put her on the camera. Too bad the state doesn't. All that attitude has brought is backfires -- first with the lame rocking chair ad, then the bizarre follow the leader ad and then having Cathy lamely attack Taylor's multi-million dollar brand (the Big Guy) which set up perfectly a response ad using Cox's own footage.

You guys all consider Taylor a boob. And yet Cox is having an awfully hard time dispatching of him. What makes you think her or her campaign has a shot against Sonny were he to turn his guns on her? June 30th disclosure period is coming up soon. Everyone knows the Cox campaign has had polls in the field and I wouldn't be surprised if payment to a pollster is on her report. So why hasn't the campaign leaked their poll results to the press like they've done with earlier polls?

Cox is on a sinking ship. I recommend you stop using all your energy to bail out the flooding water or you won't have any energy to wipe the tears from your eyes come July 18.

Lyman Hall said...

I doubt the big drug companies are salivating over Mark's Georgia RX program which would use the bargaining power of the state to get reduced priced drugs for seniors. That would cost their bottomline. You can attack problems at both ends.

Lyman Hall said...

And don't get me wrong, I like this blog. On July 19th we can change the name to Georgia Women Vote(d)...for Mark Taylor!


Amelia said...

Yeah just like how Cathy was "stuck in Columbus" and didn't show up for the rally yesterday. Mark received a stadning ovation and Taylor stickers were worn by hundreds of supporters. I was harrassed by someone in a Cox t-shirt to vote in the straw poll for Cox. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to the table. I didn't have on any stickers yet because I hadn't even entered the room yet. I had no choice but to vote for Cathy. I was not pleased at all with the volunteers that she had there.

Ed Hula III said...

"This "tough guy" is running from a girl."

Wow, good to see that even on a feminist leaning blog, emasculating a man and making women sound weak is still an acceptable thing to do.

Cathy Cox has been known to not show up to events where she and MT were scheduled to speak together. (And remember this was not a debate). If she is making such a big stink about the two of them speaking together, why didn't she just stick around to appear with him? I am not calling her weak or anything, just curious as to why--if she is so concerned about the two of them speaking together--she couldn't wait a few minutes to do as much.