Thursday, June 22, 2006

Taylor Campaign Surfing the Blogs

While the Taylor Campaign surfs the net, Cox is gathering momentum. As incredible as it is to me that the Taylor Campaign spends time camping out on the blogs, (have they nothing else to do?), today we see a re-emergence of their alliance with Georgia Republicans in the blog-sphere.

Just before 1pm, the Taylor Campaign sent out an e-mail titled, "Taylor for Georgia Campaign Update." (The sub-title should've been: Desperate:Taylor Campaign Scrapes the Bottom of the Barrel.) The short e-mail goes on to direct voters to go to view a patched together video that appeared on the Internet yesterday, first on You Tube at 7:26 am, then on Peach Pundit at 12:05 pm, then on Georgia Politics Unfiltered at 12:42 pm. Interesting track from anonymity to a Republican Blog to a Taylor-supporting blog, to a Taylor campaign e-mail. Probably just a coincidence, don't you think? Well, maybe, except that Dent previously admitted, rather proudly I thought, that campaign staffers created a video parity of Cox that was then provided to Peach Pundit. These guys are positively chummy.

I can understand why Taylor would rather have voters focus on Internet mischief than the real issues in this campaign, but I think that he underestimates the ability of Georgians to know BS when they smell it.

Mark Taylor wants one set of rules for the Big Guys, and a different set of rules for everybody else. First, Taylor calls for a debate on the issues, yet he ducks opportunities to debate. Then, after Cathy pushes back, he cries uncle and asks for a suspension of the mud wrestling, yet today he sends out a campaign e-mail that tosses mud by the bucket. It's tough, but I'm beginning to understand. Taylor doesn't want the negative campaigning to stop. He just wants Cathy to stop holding him accountable. What hypocrisy.


Ed Hula III said...

"Cox is gathering momentum"

negative ads from both candidates dont give any momentum to anyone.

CC's supporters know just as much about campaigning as she does.

Cynical Liberal said...

it is really good though. they must just have wanted everyone to see it. i don't think they actually did it though. don't you think that if they had actually made it, it would have been an ad? someone else beat them to it. i love bloggers!

lefttown98 said...

He calls for the mudslinging to stop and then reaches down to grab another handful. Amazing! Isn't this what we would expect from someone who thinks there are 2 ways; his way or the highway. I wonder if everyone out there knows that growing up "entitled" in Georgia does not make for a good Governor. Mark Taylor has never bought his own home, never had a real job, never attended a public school, never been hungry and never been told no by his parents. Does the BIG GUY actually sound like a guy who has any understanding OR empathy for the "little guy"?

JennyB said...

"growing up "entitled" in Georgia does not make for a good Governor."

You are correct. Cox took over Daddy's seat then slid her way up to SOS. Cox has had it just as easy as Ms. Cox has. This claim is stupid if you don't bring up her cushy upbringing too.

JennyB said...

Cox has had it just as easy as Ms. Cox has

I meant to say Cox has had it just as easy as Taylor

Taylor Troll said...

mark taylor grew up rich and has dedicated his adult life to passing legislation that benefits the less well off.

cathy cox is beloved by republicans. i'll stick with taylor.

GetReal said...


Not to bring up what is likely yet another sore subject, but you may recall my post on June 3 at 10:47 pm.

You may recall that you were repeating the Cox campaign talking points about how Democrats should vote for her because she consistently does better against Perdue in independent polls. I asked in my post whether you would follow continue on the logical path laid down by the Cox campaign and switch your support to Taylor if an independent poll showed Taylor doing better against Perdue than Cox.

Well, it's happened, and like most other arguments the Cox campaign has been making, the "but Cathy is stronger against Perdue" line has gone up in smoke. A Wall Street Journal Zogby Interactive poll is good news for Democrats - Perdue is back under 50%. It's bad for Cox, though, since it shows Perdue leading Taylor 48.6 to 40, and leading Cox by the wider margin of 49.6 to 39.5. You will note that Perdue's number is higher against Cox than against Taylor, and Cox's number is lower than Taylor's.

So are those who have used the "Cox is stronger in November" argument as their excuse now going to switch their support?

richard said...

The arguement that Cox will be stronger against Perdue is farcicle. That was true when Cox was leading by double digits. I don't know who is running her campaign. It must be the same person who buys her banana yellow suits... blind and stupid.

Ed Hula III said...

"A Wall Street Journal Zogby...shows Perdue leading Taylor 48.6 to 40, and leading Cox by the wider margin of 49.6 to 39.5. "

Unles the margin of error is +/- .0003
she could still be in the lead.

MelGX said...

It's funny you should mention Republicans TaylorTroll. I recently received an invitation to a Taylor fundraiser hosted by a Republican couple in North Atlanta. In the e-vite, the host urged all his Republican friends to come out because he said "I've known Mark Taylor for years, and I can tell you he's more conservative than Sonny Perdue."

Shall I forward you the invite? You might meet some new friends up there.

Taylor Troll said...

Well Mel, it really depends on the hosts definition of conservative. North Atlanta Republicans probably define conservativism in the lense of tax cuts. And Taylor has cut them while Perdue has raised them. So in that sense, yes he is more conservative I guess.

He's also more "Democratic" than Cox is. I have no doubt he will put our party first as governor. I have many doubts about Cox.