Monday, June 19, 2006

Taylor Looks Desperate

Today, in typical "Big Guy" fashion, Mark Taylor continues to dispense political pabulum to us "Little Guys." (I still can't figure out where the gals are in this equation.) In a desperate e-mail missive over the signature of Rick Dent, Taylor tells Georgians, "We'll keep this simple and direct so you will easily understand...".

The condescending, paternalistic tone of the e-mail is no real surprise. It is consistent with the theme of the campaign. Taylor seems to think that Georgia voters are just not smart enough to look at complex issues and make decisions. Instead of being partners in governing our state, we are all just a bunch of little babies who need the Big Daddy to take care of us. Taylor seems to think that "Little Guys" need the Fat Cats in Atlanta digest information and tell us what to think. I've got news for him: we don't need a babysitter to tell us what to think or how to vote, we need a Governor who will lead and work with us toward solutions to the tough problems our state faces.

Our public schools are in a state of crisis. Cathy Cox and Mark Taylor have both always supported HOPE and Pre-K and the lottery that funded them, but these programs are not nearly enough to address the problems. Unlike Taylor, Cox has a written, detailed platform for the future of education in our state. Taylor continues his typical focus on the past and ducks opportunities to answer the hard questions.

It is offensive to the voters that today Taylor again chose to focus on semantics and thirteen year old news paper articles, while avoiding any discussion of the future of education in this state. Perhaps he is engaging in this distraction to hide the "record" he claims to run on.

What has happened during his tenure in legislative office and as Lt. Governor? Well, only about 65% of our children who begin high school graduate on time. In 2005, on an assessment of math and reading skills, Georgia's fourth and eighth grade students failed at a higher rate than the national average and, in 2004, only 30% of fourth graders were at or above proficient by national math standards. In 2005 we were tied with South Carolina for last in over all SAT scores. I'm not proud of these results, and Mark Taylor shouldn't be either.


Lyman Hall said...

If Taylor is so bad on education, why have two teachers' groups endorsed him over Cox? Please--no individual cases of teachers disagreeing with their organization, either. We know that will happen with any group. The bottom line is, through whatever process/interviews/surveys/etc. they use, the teachers of this state have endorsed Mark Taylor. He has a record of supporting teachers which proves to them that he won't flip-flop on them once he is governor.
Cathy Cox has Diebold voting machines, a vote against the lottery, and a vacilating position on gay marriage. "Big time."

Amelia said...

I think that the Big Guy thing is great! It seems to register well with voters too.

Taylor Troll said...

This is a normal pattern playing out. Super involved Democratic activists get behind one candidate and think their passion equates to massive support among the regular folks. As election time rolls near and the great majority of Democratic primary voters gravitate to another candidates, the activists get upset, claim that the majority of voters "flocking" to the other candidates are sheep, accuse the candidates of pandering, etc.

It happened with the Dean campaign and the same thing is happening here. If Taylor's ad is so obviously wrong then why does the Cox campaign need to pass around a petition to stop it. Why can't they just produce one piece of non-anecdotal evidence to back up her claim that she voted for the lottery?

Here's the thing -- even if she did vote for the lottery in the privacy of the voting booth, she had a public platform to advocate for it and knowing her district was massively against it she stayed quiet.

You keep telling us about this great covenant she's got. How can you convince me that she'll pass it with a Republican legislature when she hasn't put her reputation on the line to do the right thing in the past? That's what this really boils down to, and us sheep are beginning to realize that.

GetReal said...

For the record, no one has answered my post on the Saturday thread (the last one there) about the entire content of the newspaper article that Cox claims doesn't say what it appears to me to say.

Again, not just the anti-lottery quote. I'm interested in everyone's thoughts on all the other gems in there - attacking Zell Miller's attempt to change the flag, redistricting to give black candidates at fault for splitting cities and counties, many issues being "racially motivated" and cracking down on all those welfare moms having babies to get more money.

lefttown98 said...

Lyman hall-if you happen to know anything about teachers assoc. then you know that the GAE board that endorsed MT was just that...the board. All over Ga. I hear from teachers that say "no one asked them" some wish teachers would be polled because they are pissed that Mark Taylor is claiming that he invented the HOPE when everyone knows that was "Zig Zagging Zell" and Barnes. Bottom line is MANY GAE members say that they do not support Mark. The Atlanta Federated $%^& or whatever they call themselves is the same thing, a board, not representative of its members. These 2 boards have probably been promised things by Mark Taylor that he will never be able to deliver. ALSO- PAGE, another teachers assoc., is probably the most popular among the teachers and they DO NOT give endorsements--I guess they believe the proof is in the pudding.