Thursday, June 15, 2006

Taylor to Bail on Debate?

Sonny Perdue is not the only one who doesn't want to face Cathy Cox. Mark Taylor apparently doesn't want to either. According to The Atlanta Journal and Constitution's "Political Insider,"The Georgia Press Association is gathered in Savannah expecting to hear from the two candidates today, but as of last night, the word was that Taylor did not intend to come.

On the one hand, I am not surprised. I never thought that Taylor would do well in a debate with Cox, and apparently, he doesn't think so either. On the other hand, I am astonished that Taylor apparently thinks that he can hide from voters. I have yet to hear a Taylor ad where he speaks. Is this what he offers voters? The silent treatment?

My mother used to say "never buy a pig in a poke, you don't know what you're getting." Taylor is hiding from the voters. Hiding behind babies. Hiding behind slogans. He ought to be ashamed of himself, and Georgians ought to send a message that if he can't show up for a real discussion of the issues, they're just not buying it.

Here's a portion of the article. The entire piece can be found here.

"Savannah — The Georgia Press Association is assembling here this Wednesday evening, and word is spreading that Mark Taylor, the Democratic candidate for governor, has nixed his scheduled debate with primary rival Cathy Cox.
It was supposed to happen Thursday. The reviews are not pretty. “We’ve been snubbed by better candidates,” fumed one publisher.
They shouldn’t feel singled out. Taylor was a no-show at last month’s gathering of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, also on the coast."....


White Rabbit said...

Too bad. I was looking forward to seeing her wipe the floor with him. That would have been sooooooo coooool!

Britt Andrews said...

Oh that's funny. I wonder why so many people impersonate me. BFD's Juliana apparantly posed as me.

There are tons of these debates going on all over the state. I'm sure it's difficult to attend all of these. Also, how unbiased could it really be with Tom Crawford on the panel?

This debate isn't even televised. So who will really be the ones to pay attention to this? The important debates are the ones that are for the voters. I don't see the big deal.