Friday, June 9, 2006

The Un-Sonny

Those of you who are over 40 remember those commercials about the "Un-Cola," 7 UP, right? It seems to me that what we need in Georgia right now is the "Un-Sonny,"and that is Cathy Cox.

Unlike Sonny, Cathy Cox is ready to reach out to all Georgians, inviting everyone who has a good idea to come to that table and work together. What was Mark Taylor's response to republicans wanting a place at the table in a democratic controlled legislature? "Cry me a river."

Unlike Sonny, Cathy Cox favors fully funding our public schools and giving our teachers the support they need to do their job. She has detailed and innovative plans for the future of our schools while Taylor reflects on past accomplishments and speaks in generalities.

Unlike Sonny, Cathy Cox has a detailed proposal to move Georgia to the front of the line in the development and use of bio-diesel. Taylor's response was to criticize Cox for campaigning while offering nothing to move Georgia toward energy independence.

Unlike Sonny, and unlike Mark Taylor, Cox has pledged to do away with the backroom, wink and a nod, "I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine politics" that helps a few, excludes the masses and risks brokerage of the people's office for a government that is not equally accessible to everyone. This brand of politics, epitomized by Taylor's sweetheart of a deal, million dollar loan, is just one example of why Taylor is too much like Perdue to defeat him in November.

If you want the same old political games, vote for Perdue or Taylor, but if you are ready for a change that works for everyone, try the Un-Sonny: Cathy Cox.

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