Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Can "Cry Me a River" Politics Get the Job Done in Nov.?

Today Charles Bullock profiles what Cox and Taylor might be able to accomplish as Governor. He points out that Taylor's history of confrontation may make it harder for him to accomplish much as Governor. Cox on the other hand has a history of being able to build consensus and this may aide her in working within a "two party" system in Atlanta. For more, check the article posted on Crackersquire.


Lyman Hall said...

What, no opinion on the hot topic of the day? How do you like CC's latest flyer? It has already been universally denounced as untrue and low.

Also, to go back to a topic of a few days ago--Lee Parks. I don't know all of his work, but I noticed something interesting on the GA Supreme Court website. Today, the Supremes left the 17 forms of ID in place (thankfully). Lee Parks was served notice along with Gov. Barnes, his associate, and all the lawyers with the AG's office. It seems like Parks was helping to defeat the Voter ID law, which is a very positive thing. Does anyone know his role in the case? Check out the pleadings on the Court's website for yourself:

Lyman Hall said...

P.S. Remeber the debate from Albany tonight. Many GPB stations statewide will be picking it up. I think this will be a great even because it is just CC and MT.

Lyman Hall said...

Dr. Bullock makes some interesting points. However, I think if we are able to win in November, the Republicans are going to give either CC or MT hell. I really don't think it will make that big a difference. GA Republicans are taking cues from their national counterparts--everything is politicized now. There's no way that they'll give CC a pass b/c she is somehow nicer or more of a bridge builder. Remember, just like Eric Johnson stripped MT of his powers in the Senate chamber, the legislature removed many functions from the SOS (such as replacing the good candidate disclosure form with the terrible State Ethics one) and kicked her out of some of her office space.

I would rather have a fighter who has a greater depth of legislative experience take on the Republican legislature.