Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Congratulations Lt. Gov. Taylor

Best of luck into November.


justin said...

Wow. I'm not sure I've ever cried so much in my life. Cathy's speech was one of the most beautiful, inspiring and emotional speeches I have ever heard. Everytime she cried, I broke down.

Cathy Cox was the first candidate I have ever really given so much of myself to. Just today, a group of friends and I stood in the South Georgia heat for most of the day (so much so that I am now sunburnt) holding homemade signs for Cathy. Hundreds of honks and smiles and thumbs up - but it just wasn't enough.

I wish Mark Taylor the best but at this point, I just don't see myself doing much, if anything, to help elect him. His deceitful campaign against Cathy Cox is something that I simply cannot overlook.

decaturguy said...

Why couldn't she have shown some emotion and inspiration during the campaign? Maybe if she had, she could have won. But instead she was too cautious, too driven by polls and what she thought was popular. When are good politicians going to learn?

Good luck to Cathy. I hope I can one day forgive you. But life goes on.

Tina said...

Amy, you worked so hard and did such a great job in Cathy's campaign! Thanks for all your efforts. You earned "stars in your crown"!

Button Gwinnett said...

Chins up Justin, Tina, and Amy. Cathy showed a lot of strength last night. She set a wonderful example for everyone. Everything she does, she does it with class.

It'll take a little while to lick our wounds and get over what was a nasty fight. I haven't involved myself in an election to this level since the Clinton and Fowler campaigns of 1992. That Fowler loss was a gutwrencher. And that familiar feeling is back. But there are a lot of Democrats still out there to help for Nov.

Ed Hula III said...

CC was a terrible campaigner. That's why she lost.

The only person to blame there is CC. Face it.

You guys gave up DOUBLE DIGIT LEADS and then went on making false statements while accusing MT of lying.

Hope CC's birthday is better.

BTW: Had CC won, I would be calling her office right now, pledging $1000 and offering to be a precinct captain.

Our enemy is neither MT, nor CC. We all need to have a stiff upper lip and go after SP. *uck everything that happened/was said. Water under the bridge.

To beat SP we needed to start four days ago. No time to waste.

tribalecho said...

I'm sorry Amy. I did my small part. I voted. What really gets me is that so many folks don't. Vote, I mean.

I work with people who could vote, but don't. They bitch a lot, but they don't vote. It may have something to do with jury duty. At least in their lazy ass minds.

This planet if full of people calling for death to someone. This planet is full of people who bitch, CONSTANTLY. But they don't vote. Can't take the time.

Thanks for taking this time. Thanks for being a great voice for Georgia.

Tina said...

Ed, I hope you donated as much personal time and resources to MT as some of us did to CC. If you did, you have earned the right to gloat. But let's do move ahead. My suggestion is that you write your $1000 check to MT and post it today. Personally I hope I live long enough to see my home state get off the bottom on health care, education, social services, and general cultural awareness. Maybe your donation of $1000 to MT will help us move in that direction. Maybe you have already donated generously during his campaign, but I think he is going to need all you can give him to win the upcoming sumo match.
(a Georgia woman)

Ed Hula III said...

ah tina,

if only i had 1000 i would do as much.

if only.

Britt Andrews said...

"His deceitful campaign against Cathy Cox is something that I simply cannot overlook. "

You are just a misinformed individual. Remember, we have to be united. Mark Taylor has proved that he is a fantastic campaigner and that is what we need to beat Perdue. He will need all the help he can get.

We know have to focus on comparing Taylor's record with Perdue's. Taylor has done more as a state senator than Perdue has as governor. Let's focus on that.