Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cox Knocked it Out of the Park!

There is no question: in tonight's debate, Cathy Cox again clearly articulated her vision for Georgia's future, while Mark Taylor continued to spout canned responses. By confronting Taylor about his efforts to pass legislation that would've benefited members of his family in buying land at a discounted price, Cox held Taylor accountable for his history of using his position to benefit "The other Big Guys". Again and again, while Cox confronted Taylor with facts verified by objective sources, he just kept saying, "That's not the case." And because of the credibility he has established during this campaign, we should all just believe him. Right.

One of the places where Cox and Taylor differed was in response to a question about whether they would veto legislation banning gay adoption. Cox said that she would veto such legislation while Taylor said that if the General Assembly passed such a bill, he "would have to seriously consider it." As a child advocate, I know that when children are adopted by stable families, gay or straight, they fare better. It is disturbing that Taylor would consider supporting such a ban. That puts him right in step with Perdue. What is he thinking?


Lyman Hall said...

Here's the endorsement from MT's hometown Albany Herald. The people that know him best know he's the best choice for governor.

"Mark Taylor is what he says he is, believes what he believes and does what he says he will do. That is why he should be elected the Democrat nominee for governor of Georgia.

Southwest Georgians know this as a fact about Taylor because they have returned him to office every time since first electing him state senator 20 years ago. Each of his subsequent campaigns has been based on his record and what he wanted to do further for Georgians.

Taylor’s continued service in public office has been the result of his performance the previous term. He promised only what he thought was needed to address problems and improve life in Georgia and what his constituents wanted, and he has consistently delivered.

Taylor’s record is consistent. His demonstrated ability to recognize what will move the state forward, to embrace legislation that addresses real problems and to work with people to make things happen are signs of real leadership. This Southwest Georgian never went to the Capitol to just be there. Holding office was never his end goal. His record of getting key legislation passed indicates he uses elective office as a means of providing residents with the structure and services they need for protection and to sustain themselves and their families.

Taylor, who served as state senator 12 years and the last eight years as lieutenant governor, sees education, healthcare and law enforcement and public safety as Georgia’s priorities. A review of previous campaigns shows similar themes. That’s because Taylor listens to people to understand their concerns. He then develops practical solutions in response. He knows state government equally well.

Electing Taylor as the Democrat nominee for governor carries no risk as to whether it might turn out to be the case of “bait and switch”. His record is solid. He wants to invest more money in public schools and lower class sizes; to remove the sales tax from all medicine, both prescription and over-the-counter; to provide affordable healthcare coverage for all children in the state; and to build more prisons to ease overcrowded county jails.

Taylor’s statements aren’t just campaign rhetoric. He speaks of what he knows are important issues, and he knows how he would make his solutions reality. Voters in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday should mark their ballots for Taylor because they can be confident he would indeed represent them if elected. "

-- Albany Herald, July 16, 2006

Amy Morton said...

I was not aware that newspapers let campaigns write their own endorsements. :) Just kidding, but you have to admit that the papers endorsement reads like Taylor's rhetoric. The problem is, that's all it is, rhetoric. As Cathy pointed out tongiht, Mark demonstrated no ability to get his PeachKids legislation though in this partisan environment. We need a Governor who can work with the reality that is Georgia today. Mark is stuck in the past.

Lyman Hall said...

I know I've said it before, but I just don't buy in to the idea that the Republicans are going to give CC a pass because she is "nicer" than Mark. Remember when they stripped her of some powers and booted her out of some office space?

As to the PeachKids question, like MT said tonight, it is going to take time to build consensus for such a big idea. I thought of the introduction in this session as a "head start" just to get the idea out there. Once he's governor, he can start building consensus around the idea, just like he did with Gov. Miller around HOPE. Just like CC wouldn't be be able to change the tune and/or tone overnight, MT isn't going to bring health insurance to every Georgia child in one session. Maybe two, though :)

Have a good night. May the best "Big Guy" win on Tuesday!

Tina said...

Amy, how did these various guys get so interested in contributing to Georgia Women Vote when they aren't women voters and they don't want to vote for a woman? Could they have possibly mistaken the nature and purpose of your blog? Have they lose their way in cyber-space? Is there no Georgia Men Vote blog to which they can carry their message? Have they thought about creating one? Or do they just have too much time on their hands? I will be soooo glad when the primary is over :-)

GetReal said...

Amy and others-

Were you disturbed by Cox's refusal to commit to endorsing the Democratic nominee if she loses the primary? Before you point to her citation of a law, the Taylor campaign apparently found what she was talking about and sent it out. The law prevents her from serving in a fiduciary capacity on someone else's campaign (meaning a position like Chair or Treasurer). It does not prevent her from publically endorsing someone.

So either she doesn't know the law, or is mischaraterizing it to use it as some sort of "out" of endorsing Taylor if he wins.


Lyman Hall said...


Just trying to correct the record. When the primary is over, we'll all be on the same side again.

Lyman Hall said...

I just looked up the code. Getreal is exactly right. Check out OCGA 21-2-50(b). I'm tired of the excuses. Didn't she vote to fund the appeal of the Voter ID ruling because of her "official duties?" Maybe CC needs a better lawyer advising her on what she has to do and what she wants to do.
Too bad Lee Parks was already taken, right Amy? ;)

I really hope CC will endorse Mark and start to bring this party back together.

Tina said...

The 'old guard' Democratic party are the guys that helped us lose so ignominously in 2004. The party was over-confident, disorganized, and unprepared for a frontal attack from the Republicans. Democrats in GA need to redefine themselves, reorganize, re-energize, regain a solid base, and start over with fresh faces and new approaches.

Tina said...

For Lyman Hall---we may all be on the same side (more or less) on Wednesday morning, but that still don't make you a Georgia Woman Voter or a supporter of a Georgia Woman for Governor! Well, at least we know you are not a Tory. hee hee

Ed Hula III said...

CC has been totally unprepared and unable to handle attacks from MT in this race. Why do you think she lost so much ground in a few weeks?

Fact of the matter is, what lost us, everything, in 04 was:
A) A realization by most southernd Dems that they are republican(t)s
B) Weak campaigners.

Doesnt matter how good of a candidate you are, *Cough* George Bush *Cough*, it matters how good of a campaigner you are.

Ed Hula III said...

PS: These last two debates were pretty ordinary. CC won this one but all MT had to do was not screw up. He didnt.