Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cox Report Reflects Strong Grassroots Support

There are a lot of things about Cathy Cox's financial disclosure that should make supporters feel hopeful. Earlier today, when I posted about the candidate financial disclosures, I relied on an article that appeared this morning in the Savannah Morning News and said that Cox and Taylor had both raised about $1.2 million this period. That was incorrect. Cox actually did out-raise Taylor again this period, bringing in a total of $1,360,096.21 to his $1,338,924.86. He does have more cash on hand than she does, by about half a million dollars. But then he did start much earlier and loaned himself that cool million. It still spends, though.

A real positive is that again, in this report, Cox demonstrates grassroots support with nearly $50,000 in contributions from less than $100 donors. Taylor only has $17,079.48 in this category. Many of the people who write those smaller checks are first time givers. As a friend said- those are voters. Cox has consistently led in this category, and that bodes well for July 18th.

Also, I am going to assume that Taylor's report not being filed until 10:45 this morning is the fault of the POC Ethics Commission website, but what's with all the "information requested" notations on Occupation and Employer? I thought that response was not okay under the newer rules. Am I wrong?

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