Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Debate Predictions

Note the time of this post. I have a couple of predictions about tonight's debate. Let's see whether I get this right- or wrong.

First, Taylor is an experienced debater and the king of the sound-bite. Don't under estimate him. I am sure that Cathy is has not. He has home court advantage tonight, too.

Second, Cathy has been waiting for this opportunity and is will do a good job of contrasting her substantive policies with Taylor's less well developed platform.

Third, expect them both to come out swinging.

Fourth, I trust that the paramedics will be standing by. :)

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angrydem said...

I think that Cathy did a better job of presenting herself in the debate. Without a doubt she has a "sense" about her.

Mark also did a good job, but his personality does not come across nearly as positively as Cathy's.

That being said, I think if you just read a transcript of the debate you would have a very hard time deciding who won between the two. Both had great answers and stayed on message, and committed no gaffs (which with the small number of people actually watching these things is the real challenge).

Without a doubt though, McCarley was the highlight of the debate. Makes me almost want to vote for him.

Let the spin begin.