Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Definition of Insanity

There have been lots of interesting comments on the debate tonight, but I have to move this one from Demblogs up front. Here you go:

Slam dunk best describes tonights debate. Even in Taylor's hometown he beat the same drum about what he did in the past and he really can't lay claim to HOPE regardless of what he tells you! Cox spoke with such composure and it was evident that she has really researched and listened to people from all walks of life about what's important to Georgians. Her plan for education makes no promises to fix things overnight but rather to start from the ground up. Do people realize that doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is called insanity and Mark Taylor's plan for education is just that!


Ed Hula III said...

C' must not have seen the obviously missed it when MT was pelted by braziers b/c of how awesome he was.

Tina said...

I have no idea what Ed means by "braziers." Websters 3rd Intnl. defines a brazier or brasier as (1) a grill for holding coal or (2) a person who works with brass. I went down to Albany and watched the debate live. Here's my view: The presence of the long-shot candidates had a certain diluting effect on the forum, i.e. we didn't get to hear as much from Cox and Taylor as I would have liked. My feeling was that Cox had excellent self-presentation and made her points with exactness and confidence. Taylor was predictable and repetitive. The other two....wellllllll......

Ed Hula III said...

i cant believe i misspelleted brassiere

demblogs said...

I think Ed had it right the first time; Brazier's, meaning hamburgers from the local Dairy Queen.

Ed Hula III said...

I'd be happy with either.

Tucker said...

Right on demblogs. Taylor wants credit for HOPE, but Zell is endorsing his opponent. And beyond HOPE, Taylor's got nothin! Environmental accomplishments in office? Nothin! Transportation solutions while head of the Senate? Nothin! Job creation while the highest elected official in his party? Again, Nothin! He's experienced only in self-promotion and misleading campaigning. Truly insane if the Dems nominate him.

Ed Hula III said...

"And beyond HOPE, Taylor's got nothin! "
Wher have you been?

Eliminating sales tax on groceries
Creating peach care for kids
HEROEs legislation

yea i guess that amounts to nothing.

Oh yea and seeing has how he has already won two other statewide races that are won based on your record, I would say he has done something (which CC cant really claim other than moving Sec of State's office, and paperless elections).

Unless you want to tell Georgians and the Dems in GA they are's your chance.

Hopefully you've got the cojones to say it face to face to people.

Ed Hula III said...

oh and before i forget:

who created:
two strikes your out,
victims bill of rights
and who advocated for GA's first criminal DNA database?

Taylor did.

Ed Hula III said...

sorry to sound like a broken record but...

who removed statute of limitations on violent crimes? MT, not CC.

Just cause the CC campaign says somethign doesnt mean its true. Although, everyone should know that by now.

allshewrote said...

Ed-are you really ED or Rick Dent? Did you coach MT pre-debate because he said the same thing over and over-he's said it so much even he belives it and apparently you do too! 20 years in politics and everyhting he talks about is what he accomplished (supposedly) under a Democratic Gov and legislature. Again, I ask what has he "done for us lately?"