Monday, July 3, 2006

Did the Cox Ad Pass Reporter's Truth Test?

Tonight on 13 WMAZ, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Randall Savage applied the "Truth Test" to Cathy Cox's "Prison Labor" ad and found that it PASSED. On June 23rd, Savage applied the same test to the Taylor "Lottery Vote" ad, and found that it FAILED. (You can find more information about why the Taylor ad failed here.)

Randall Savage is a well-respected reporter known for his objectivity and his willingness to hold everybody accountable. He takes the ads line by line and evaluates whether the statements are true . In the four years he has been doing this "Truth Test" series on political ads, he said that only three or four have passed. (I will post video of the newscast as soon as I have it.)

In this instance, he said that the Taylor Campaign provided data that actually helped prove Cox's point. So, now, a completely objective source has weighed in and found Taylor's claims lacking and that Cox passes "the truth test." What will be the Taylor Campaign's next excuse? That Savage is biased? Spare me. How can we believe anything they say?

And, by the way, Savage will be one of the panelists for the Albany debate. That should prove interesting!

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demblogs said...

Here's the link to the recent Truth Test.....check it out--this man did his homework!