Thursday, July 27, 2006

Georgia's mental health funding crisis

There is a current study underway in Georgia on "recovery model" anticipated to be introduced in GA. We all wish for "recovery" for our consumers and our loved ones for whom we wish the best. But first, Georgia's MH program has a lot of fence-mending to be done and a lot of lost funding that needs to be restored. Tell your story and provide your point of view to:

I was at a meeting with her today and she is very receptive and sympathetic to hearing from caregivers, consumers, and providers on how Georgia can move ahead in providing adequately for our MH consumers.

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Margaret said...

I am a personal care home consultant. I assist individuals with schizophrenia & bipolar locate a facility. My primary goal is to assist the 18-24yr olds, since most facilities have seniors. I don't want them sent to homeless shelters. I want to get the care they need in a facility. If there is anyone with resources, advice, etc. Please help This is a serious situation.