Friday, July 28, 2006

Hecht Could Win

Stranger things have happened. Nevermind the outrage of political insiders or the predictions of those who think fair play and decency will net a much-deserved victory for Jim Martin on Aug. 8th: Greg Hecht is not out of the hunt in this race. Despite his objectionable campaign tactics and the endorsements Jim Martin has earned, the question comes down to what voters will end up going to the polls. In an e-mail today, Hecht said, "The areas we won turn out well in runoffs. Also, we gained the endorsement of the third place finisher Senator Steen Miles, who won over 64,000 votes and is from Dekalb County where the Congressional runoff is occurring."

That's all true, and this race is going to come down to who is able to put an effective GOTV plan into motion. Those of us who are supporting Jim Martin would do well to remember that and to do all we can to help make sure his voters get to the polls on the 8th.


Button Gwinnett said...

This is all true Amy. It seems as if my guy, Martin, has everything going his way. But the nature of runoffs is different from primaries or general elections. It does come down to who can energize their voters more. And down ballot races in certain areas can either help or hurt a candidate as well.

Everyone's down on both Hecht and Cynthia McKinney right now. But I wouldn't be shocked to see either or both win. All of this gloom and doom talk might just motivate more of their supporters to show up on election day.

As for Buckner/Hicks, I wouldn't even venture a guess.

Gonzo said...

None of this made sense to me, so i looked at the SOv from DeKalb. If the "high turnout precincts" from North DeKalb were the only ones voting - Martin would have won without a runoff. Anywhere Hect did well, Martin outpolled him at least 30% and sometimes over 50%. I don't know what Hecht is smoking to say such things as were in his e-mail but it must be really good.

See for yourself at:

Amy Morton said...

Here, in Macon, where the paper endorsed Hecht (it will be interesting to see if that changes), Hecht beat Martin handily. Of course, we also got all the mail and the calls. I want Martin to win this one. While Hecht's logic might be flawed, I hope that Martin's supporters will not assume a win is a given. Runoffs are strange animals. Anyone got a map that shows the areas, statewide, that Hecht or Martin carried. That would be interesting to look at.

Chris said...

Hasn't been updated since 11:00 pm on election night and also requires windows firefox but you can get a pretty good idea of who won where.

GArunner said...

I think Hecht has the momentum right now, after bottoming-out after the fliers. We'll see how the debate goes tonight.

Now that Cagle, Taylor, and Perdue are in place, voters will begin to think about the general election. Which candidate can beat Cagle? Which candidate can help Taylor beat Perdue? Here, I think Democratic voters will have a hard time not answering Hecht.

jbmurphy said...

Update on endorsements. Since the primary Hecht received the Miles endorsement 14.4% and now he has received Terrill's 3.0%. Martin has only received Loston's 5%. This alone could put Hecht well ahead of Martin with Hecht at 53.8% and Martin at 46.2%.

Plus, my guess is since labor is supporting Hecht, we are likely to see those voters out at this runoff. (Yes, energized and there are lots of them,) This could be a huge positive for Hecht. Too much at stake for labor. Taylor will be dragged down by Martin. They need Hecht in there too.

This race is definitely not over.

Anyway, I am a voter that is still wondering why Martin never felt the need to actually to respond to the substance of the mailers. Isn't that weird?

I support Hecht because I think it is very problematic that Martin didn't get one big labor union to endorse him. Martin just doesn't have the substance behind him to actually be a contender in the fall. Hecht does.