Monday, July 31, 2006

Hecht Has Elves

From the Tip Line: Hecht may be down, but it would be unwise to count him out of this race. Hecht has ground teams in place that are working 24/7 to get his signs and literature out. Did you see the signs appearing over the weekend? And, I heard from friends in metro who received a "push poll" type call over the weekend asking for opinion in the race and then asking whether they would still vote for Jim is they knew...(a list of negatives.)

It may be that as few as 200,000 people vote in the runoff. (Remember that you can early vote beginning today at your local Board of Elections.) Your vote really does count in this type of race. Don't assume that Martin is secure just because of the mass condemnation of Hecht's tactics. Go vote.


GArunner said...

Not voting for a candidate because of a series of negative fliers is as pathetic as voting against a candidate for negative fliers or for a candidate because of catchy commercials. Let it go. The fliers are done, Hecht took a little damage, and we should move on. I think many of the fliers were legitimate (especially the DHR one), but whatever.

This negative campaigning "issue" is of peripheral importance. Yesterday, as both candidates tried to convince voters that the other candidate was responsible for negative campaining, I couldn't help but wonder: Who cares?

Choose a candidate for three reasons: 1) Who has the best chance at beating Cagle? 2) Who can help the Taylor ticket? 3) Who has the best platform?

When October rolls around, the visciousness of fliers and accusations of "who started it?" will be very, very trivial. Let's not let the future of Georgian politics hinge on such a matter.

This blog, like the campaigns, should spend the last week comparing issues and electability, not petty accusations.

Fall Line Dem said...

I am sick and tired of folks telling to "let it go" when a candidate engages in the kind of tactics that Greg Hecht has. I will not "let it go": I will vote for Jim Martin and will encourage others to do so. When we "let it go", we give a candidate no consequence for such tactics. No wonder the tactics never change.

jbmurphy said...

I totally agree with the idea of letting go of the fretting about the negative mailers. What are people so worried about? Assume they are even-steven. I saw some elves taking down Hecht signs today. Are these little Martin supporters engaging in a little passive agressive response?

A little mud-throwing and truth telling is the way of politics. So what! Look past it and choose based on the facts as they stand.

In November, Taylor will need Hecht on the ticket. Martin will not enhance Taylor at all. Taylor will have trouble without Hecht. Everyone knows it!

Greg Hecht can beat Casey Cagle. He is electable because of initiatives and his nature.

Greg Hecht has a viable platform. He has done his homework and has something of substance to offer the future. I am supporting him because of his platform.

Ed Hula III said...

Hey Amy,

I think negative campaigning is going to happen, even in our primaries, so there is no point trying to fight it.

Moreover, its important because it toughens up the campaign and its staff.

And lets face it. CC *WILL NOT* play nice. At all.

JM has shown that he can't take a punch. As far as i know, he hasn't even refuted the negativity. Kerry should have made us realize A) don't be a bone head, and B) you have to fight back.

GH has shown he can throw some tough, mean, hard punches. That's what we need in this race I also think an ITP liberal leaning candidate won't do much for our ticket).

That being said, GH taking back his statement at the debates will be used against him in the GE (should he make it).

So up until a few days ago I would have said vote for GH, now, I don't know who to vote for.

Fall Line Dem said...

Jim Martin has not had to refute Greg's negativity since the AJC did in for him, a large group of attorneys attacked Greg for the same tactic, and the Macon Telegraph all but withdrew its endorsement of Greg over the mailing fiasco. So obvious was Greg's lie that everyone jumped on him. I also think that if Greg will stoop to this low in an attempt to win, no telling what he will do next. Character means something when it comes to campaigns, and I have serious doubts about Greg's. Folks in my neck of the woods are about sick of mudslinging, and if that it to be SOP for Mark and whoever the Lt. Governor candidate is, we are in for a long winter.

Ed Hula III said...

yea everyone is always tired of negativity. Have been for the past 150 years and you know what? It still works.

Look, we all know hte swiftboat ads were lies. But the candidate MUST SAY SOMETHING if he or she wants to appear to be strong.

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