Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is Taylor Endorsing Cox's Plan for the Environment?

With the price of fuel soaring and natural disasters warning us that we better pay attention to caring for the planet, it is significant that Cathy Cox has earned the endorsement of the Sierra Club and has presented the most detailed and comprehensive platform on the environment.

I have searched for Mark Taylor's plan for the environment on his website, but cannot find it. How do you run for Governor at a time like this without having a plan for protecting out environment? In the AJC interview, Taylor said,"Alternative fuel programs for Georgia must be a priority for the environment and it will create jobs and save our citizens money." Sounds like Cox's bio-fuel initiative is so good even Taylor is endorsing it.

Take a look at the Q&A for them that was published in the AJC.

On a humorous note, on the Women for Taylor website, they reprinted this article but only with Mark's responses. I guess they didn't want people to know that the only ideas he's had on this subject, he took from Cathy Cox!

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