Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jack Ellis to Run Against Jim Marshall?

The Macon Telegraph reports that Macon's Mayor is angry and says he just may run against Marshall for Congress in 2008. (I guess the good news in that sentence is that Ellis expects Marshall to retain his seat this year in the fight against Mac. Probably a good bet.) Millions of dollars (pork) that Marshall brought home for improvements to the riverfront in Macon is slated to come to the state and flow the county to a nonprofit, NewTown Macon, rather than coming through the City. So, Ellis is upset. In Macon, the governments are not consolidated and, while both are cash strapped, the City as had a history of late audits and allegations of wrong-doing. Suffice to say that the City of Macon does not have a reputation for fiscal soundness. A long-sitting grand jury failed to issue any related indictments, but a federal grand jury is still examining the situation. What will happen? Who knows, but this threat is classic Jack. Earlier this week, the Mayor called for the resignations of all members of the Housing Authority Board following an audit with three findings, all resolved. I don't have the time here to list the issues the City has had with audits since Jack Ellis became Mayor.

This might make an interesting race in '08. Congressman Ellis. Hmm...Washington wouldn't know what hit it. Read the entire story, here.


Tina said...

I was about to write a comment, but thought better of it. Will just continue to help our state house and senate candidates!

onfoyou said...

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.