Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jim Martin's Momentum Mushrooms

Adding to the momentum the Martin campaign has gathered since the week or so before the primary, today, the AJC endorsed Jim, saying, "There's no shortage of deceit and demagoguery under the Gold Dome. It's time for a little more common decency, and Martin has demonstrated that he can provide it." I could not agree more.

I've heard from a number of people who supported Hecht in the primary who are now supporting Martin. Several of my friends who voted early, and voted for Hecht, said that based on Hecht's actions just before the primary, they regretted their choice and would never vote early again. In addition, Shirley Franklin has taken her endorsement of Jim to another level and is hosting a fundraiser for him this Saturday morning. Others are also stepping up to the plate, going to bat for a candidate we can all be proud of.

One word of caution, anything can happen in a runoff election where the turnout is likely to be even lower than in the general election. It would be a mistake to assume that these key endorsements alone will carry Jim through. After all, Steen Miles, who got about 15% of the vote in the primary, has endorsed Hecht. If we want to make sure that this rare public servant has an opportunity to move forward in this race, then we have to make sure that his supporters get to the polls!


Ataru Atlanta said...

Common decency, praise Jesus. Had Greg shown a couple of morsels I'd still be voting for him.

jbmurphy said...

I simply don't get it! Are we supposed to vote for a candidate because he took a punch? I am disappointed by the less than rigorous rationale used by the AJC.

What kind of citizens would make choices about their future based on such nonsense and recommend to other citizens to do the same.

Are the facts true? Martin lost me when he starting whining about being punched instead of addressing the issues that were raised. Plus labor is not supporting him. Are you sure he isn't republican? Getting the AJC behind him (you know they have been all along, I find their reporting less than equal on politics), you know he may be...

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