Friday, July 21, 2006

"In the Know with Patsy Jo"

I noticed that in the last debate, Greg Hecht stood on a platform higher than Martin's. In truth, Greg's height has never been an issue for me, but lately I have wondered if what he really needs is a booster seat for his character. In addition the two "slick" mail pieces that Hecht sent before the primary, in a letter dated July 14, 2006, on letterhead for Patsy Jo Hilliard, the former Mayor of East Point, and paid for by "Friends of Greg Hecht", Hecht continued his attack on Jim Martin. Here are a couple of choice comments in the letter:

1) "Mr. Martin had three of our friends send out a letter to you without telling them or you the true facts."

I know the women referenced here: none of the three could be duped as this letter suggests.

2) "His (Martin's) law firm also represented a murderer, which Martin's law firm appealed the equalization of strikes law, which finally passed after Martin left the legislature."

Huh? If you can decipher that sentence, more power to you. The equal strikes law was a republican initiative that passed just last year. Many people opposed that law because, believe it or not, the accused are still presumed innocent until proven guilty in this country. Just don't say that to Nancy Grace...

3) "Mr. Martin's obstruction of laws to protect women does not stand alone."

Give me a break. This paragraph goes on to repeat the same out of context allegations as the now infamous "rape" mailer.

This letter is the kind of campaign tactic that will continue as long as the money flows. In this instance, it is an attack, not just on the other candidate, but on the three outstanding women, one of whom was Mary Long, who sent out a letter in support of Jim Martin. Here, Hecht implies that these women were too stupid to check the facts for themselves. I assure you that is not the case. It is Hecht who seems to have developed a casual relationship with the facts. I believe that these tactics did backfire on Hecht, pushing him into a second place finish. Now, will he leave the dirty tricks behind for the runoff?

Want to stop these tactics? Cut off the money to candidates who attempt to deceive the public and the vendors who help them do it.

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Bo_Dog said...

I called Patsy Jo- she said Hecht wrote that piece for her and she just signed it.
Patsy Jo supports Hecht and didn't research the facts. Sad-because if she had looked up the stuff, she would find the Jim Martin info was factual. And that Hecht exagerated, mislead, misinterpreted, and lied about Martin's record.
BTW Check out Hecht's achievements-he has padded it ( dublicates, renames it, but check the facts yalls). VOTE JIM MARTIN Aug 8th