Thursday, July 13, 2006

Link to AJC's endorsement of Taylor

You can find the article in the AJC endorsing Mark Taylor at this site:


Tina said...

Reporters don't have the authority to make endorsements. They are usually "advised" by those in a higher position.

demblogs said...

Stunned is the only word that comes to mind regarding this endorsement. Are they absolutely nuts?

Ed Hula III said...

Hey Tina,

remember this:

Are you gonna retract your praise of Macon Telegraph's endorsment?

Why is the AJC nuts? Thats the editorial board's position. Grow up. Not everyone thinks like you (or me).

Tucker said...

MT has experience? At bashing the other party and handing out patronage. Face it, the legislature will be GOP again in January. They absolutely despise Taylor and will block his every move. Precisely because Cox was not a party to the redistricting fights and partisan crap of the last 4 years, she will be able to move her agenda forward. Whatever agenda Taylor has is dead on arrival.

BTW, check out the candidate responses to the AJC questionaires. Taylor repeats himself verbatim in 3 different responses, then says the local school boards should decide whether to teach the bible and zone based on race. Sounds like Zell Miller. Show a little leadership big guy.