Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mark Taylor's "Pay to Play" Plan

During today's debate, Cathy Cox called Mark Taylor on his rhetoric about his record by pointing out that those he has appointed to boards and commissions have contributed in excess of $300,000.00 to his campaign. This is an example of (1) exactly what's wrong in state government and (2) the fact that the Big Guy scratches the back of the other Big Guys. If we take Taylor at his word, that his past actions predicts future deeds, then those who can "afford it" get to participate in government. A few powerful people have benefited from that system over the years, but government needs to work for all Georgians, not just the Big Guys. We need the kind of change that Cathy Cox will bring.


Ed Hula III said...

Hey I hope yall can pick up your thirteen points on monday.

River Rat said...

That reminds me of Cox's latest commercials. "We need change.... change is good.... change change change", by which I suppose we are supposed to think "my god, I didn't realize that Cathy has breasts! I think she's a woman! Egad, this new development totally changes the race! I must vote for her now!"

Seriously, that has been her whole campaign. Her biggest problem is that she is running as something she is not. She doesn't bring anything new to the table besides her gender.

She doesn't bring any new ideas - oooh, insurance pools! how'd she come up with that one?

She's not a "fresh face" - she's been around for 16 years.

She IS a good ole boy - her dad was a legislator and a mayor, and she was tight with Tom Murphy and the old fat cats (see her confederate flag bill).

She hasn't changed the tune/tone of anything - she has run some of the lowest and misleading ads and fliers this year without the name Hecht on them, going after Taylor's family and blatantly lying about his record on the changing the flag.

She is not a leader - every single "initiative" she has EVER introduced has been reactive to some news story. Seriously, go take a look. She works in the SOS office for five years, and then all of a sudden she's a "fresh face" with electronic voting - after Florida and hanging chads make news stories. That guy goes and shoots up the day trading office? Then she's all about investigating the companies. The voter ID bill? Anyone at the Capitol will tell you that she didn't get on board with that until AFTER the walk out. Check your Nexis, Emily or whatever your name is - I'll bet you she doesn't take a stand on it until after the walk out.

Cathy is a hack. plain and simple. And that is what this campaign has shown.

Button Gwinnett said...

Once again, no response to what's being posted by the rats and eds of the world, just rhetoric. Probably because there is no response that will help their cause except to distract by moving off topic. Gee, I wonder where they got that tactic from?

Taylor asked us to judge him not on his words, but his actions. Well, Amy's only fulfilling that request.

River Rat said...

Button, the problem is that Cox can't keep her story straight. There is a logical inconsistency with saying that a candidate is both for sale and so rich he doesn't need any help.

And if Cox's "pay to play" bit had any real bite, she wouldn't have waited until the second debate, on a saturday afternoon, to try and hit him with it. Who freaking cares at this point what garbage she throws at him?

And for fun, lets follow a few links. All of this took me like 15 minutes on Google. Cox's sister, Glennie Bench, used to sit on the board of the Georgia Ports Authority. Was Cox using her influence to help family members get plum appointments?? She's a hypocrite, nothing else.