Friday, July 14, 2006

More Misinformation, Lies and Distortions

Word on the street in Macon is that the Taylor Campaign is planning a "death drop" of literature over the weekend that contains misinformation about Cathy Cox. I sure hope this tipster is wrong, but if activity yesterday and today is any measure, it would not surprise me. It appears that a part of the strategy is for Taylor to simply "declare victory" hoping to deflate Cox supporters. Think again. We see right through these desperate tactics.

Yesterday, a Taylorite on this blog was trying to spread a rumor that Cathy is not pro-choice. What a bunch of hooey. Today, it appears that perhaps the two groups who hope and pray that Cathy is not the nominee (Perdue supporters and Taylor supporters) have again joined forces to spread misinformation.

The Big Guys are teaming up: Big Surprise. A "tip"(can't imagine where that came from) appeared on Peach Pundit that Cathy was contacting key supporters and telling them that she was conceding. I laughed and laughed. Believe Republican Blogs and Republican polls if you want. In fact, I hope Taylor supporters do just that: spend their time gloating and pushing misinformation on the blogs. Cathy's Team is busy working. Here's a bulletin:

She's going to win this primary Tuesday and go on to become Georgia's Governor.

The other part of the misinformation that Peach Pundit passed off as a "tip" was that she "just canceled the WXIA debate." Again, roars of laughter. Let's remember, Mark Taylor is the candidate in this race who has gone to great lengths to avoid debates with Cathy Cox. He blew off the Georgia Press Association, the Georgia Chamber, and the Georgia Municipal Association. Then at GABEO, his plane was conveniently late. So, if not appearing for interviews together means a candidate is conceding, then Mark threw in the towel a long time ago.

Besides, why on earth would Cathy pass up an opportunity to take Mark on face to face? At the debate in Albany she did an excellent job as I am sure she will on Saturday and Sunday. Cathy was clearly offering the plan to move Georgia forward. Taylor? I was sure that Rick Dent was behind him pulling a string making him spout out one of about four canned responses.

My understanding is that the thing at WXIA was (1) not a debate, but instead was billed as a "conversation" with no opportunity for "back and forth" and (2) she did not cancel, but instead had never accepted because of scheduling conflicts. A reason, by the way that seemed to work just fine for Taylorites when he blew off a real debate with the Georgia Press Association.

The Taylor Team and The Perdue Team can wish what they want, Cathy is not just in this race: Cathy Cox is going to WIN this race.


Button Gwinnett said...

Yeah I have to wonder about that "tip." As we've seen around the blogosphere, there are plenty of Taylorites that like to spread disinformation (lie, distract, distort, etc.). And Republican have told us all along that they want Mark to win, not Cathy. The only reason is that they know she's far more dangerous as an opponent in a general election. They just don't fear Mark. And conventional wisdom says they shouldn't.

Mark Taylor marginalizes people. In turn, he's marginalized himself. He'll have no broad appeal in Nov. when he has to win over more than just hardcore Democrats just to have a chance. He will struggle to break 42% in a general election. Only Cathy gives us a chance.

So take your pick as to who the "tipster" might be.

Lyman Hall said...

Why would Taylor be desperate when the latest polls show that he has shot well over 50%, while Cox has stagnated at 41%? I think some of the remaining "undecideds" are really protest votes for one of the other two candidates. I just don't see where Cathy is going to make up ground in these last few days. Matt Towery (yes, he's a Republican just like Dan Ponder) is predicting a Taylor blowout.

Finally, the idea that CC is some how in a better position to beat Sonny in Nov (i.e. the only rationale for her candidacy)long ago ceased to be true. MT is closer to Sonny in the polls now.

Lyman Hall said...

No one believed that tip. Remember on the last day of qualifying, Peach Pundit said CC was about to qualify for Lt. Gov.? We all know by now that Cathy puts Cathy first, even if it means hurting the party. She is in it until next Wednesday.

jo said...

Amy, When has cox said she was pro-choice? I haven't heard it from her campaign this entire time. Never once has she said safe, legal, and rare. She has said that she believe in appropriate controls (vague)(kind of like working toward the right outcome) and that as Governor she wouldn't do anything about the existing laws, which is exactly what the legislator told me except she used the words pro-life. And Taylor's polls are showing similar numbers from what I hear so believe a Democrats poll if you will

jo said...

Oh and Cox is going to lose and I can't wait just because I'm sick of Cox's misinformation, lies, and distortions. Are COx supporters still going to say that she didn't say her name in the investment fraud ads. She just talks and talks until someone calls her out and even then she lies. And Republicans would love Cox to win because they know it would be an easy ride up until november. They can just sit back and watch the Cox campaign stick their foot in their mouth over and over and over and over again.

Amy Morton said...

Lyman, you know that Cathy left plenty of arrows in the quiver while Mark hit her with everything he had (not much). Sonny will rip Mark Taylor to shreds by using his 8 million plus to attack the character issues Cathy has not touched. And, no, I won't go into it here.

Lyman Hall said...

Is that going to be CC's plea for an executive appointment when Mark is governor? "At least I didn't maliciously accuse you of falsehoods that were so discredited, Casey Cagle gave you a campaign contribution and a libel lawsuit was settled in your favor."

Button Gwinnett said...

Care to explain this comment by Rick Dent when Cathy announced she was running for governor?

"Now we will see if Mark Taylor's experience, his record on schools, jobs and protecting families, and his moderate views on the issues can beat a liberal like Cox in a Democratic primary," said Mark Taylor campaign spokesman Rick Dent. "We think the answer is a clear yes."

"Dent said Cox was courting financial support from EMILY's List, a Washington group that seeks to elect Democratic women who favor abortion rights. Dent called it "a very liberal special interest group."

River Rat said...

Jo, sorry to correct you, but I understand that Cox said "safe, legal, and rare" at the debate. However, other than that, I don't know that she's EVER taken a stand on any abortion issue, unlike Mark.

You know, for all the "change" Cox is supposed to bring, she sure does lack the courage to stand up for anything. Mark's the one who has had to withstand all the negative ads over all the years. Listen, Georgia voters know all of his screw ups. His opponents have made sure his divorce papers got spread around, and Cathy's entire campaign was about Mark's character.

Now Mark is polling at 53%! He's been in the public eye under scrutiny for 8 years, gone through two bruising general elections and now two brutal primaries, each time against a candidate that was "supposed" to be better than him because of some demographic. If Amy thinks Perdue will be rough on Taylor, I hate to think what they would do to Cox. Taylor is the only candidate who has a record of standing up to GOP slime jobs and winning every time.

Cox? She went after his family, his divorce papers, got down in the muck with those race-baiting fliers - you name it, she's tried it. So spare me your "Cox left arrows in the quiver" sanctimonious crap.

Lyman Hall said...

Oh, I thought of one, River! She stood up for Sunday school classes. But, that's a pretty easy one. That's like standing up for free pie and chips. Who wouldn't want more pie and chips?

(With apologies to that little gecko :)

jo said...

If she said "safe, legal, and rare" on television then I will believe it and am sorry. I must have missed that part of the debate, I thought Taylor only said it. But I am waiting for my time and place Mrs. Morton. I stand by my word that I was told that and I don't like being called a liar.

MissLiberal said...

Sorry.. too many typos in first post.

Things like Emily's List and WIN are totally missing the point. They are just as sexist as the sexism they fight against! Why do this gender battle? Why do you think that just because someone is a woman, they will make a great politician? Wasn't Linda Schrenko just sentanced to 9 years? We need to support CANDIDATES, not just GENDER. This gets us nowhere.

get over yourself said...


I bet your lone voice sounds like a very shrill howl in the wind. For the most part, Taylor has run a formidable campaign. He has a record. He has been a part of some of the great changes we have seen in Georgia. Give it a rest. The polls show what we know to be true. Cathy is losing and she will lose on Tuesday – Big Time. Those are the facts….Look, people sometimes need a little proof that candidates aren’t full of crap. Everything about Cathy is and was superficial, right down to the polling numbers she bragged about last year. She’s got more platitudes than Sonny does – and that’s saying a lot. She had a piss poor campaign. Speaking of worst campaign ads ever, I really do hope you were just being your shill self when you said you thought the “I’m not the Big Guy” ad was so great. Is that why people should vote for Cathy? Because she is more attractive and is a woman? Or because she is caddy and wears a sharp suit? As a woman, I find it all extremely offensive and rude. Cathy Cox never once gave people a reason to vote for her unless you count her skillful ability to talk and rock in a rocking chair at the same time. She’s better than Schrenko, but she is a set back for the women’s movement when it comes to electing women.

You might say…but what about all those plans Cathy has. First of all, those lame covenants are just long documents to make it look like she has substance. God forbid you talk about the voting machines and piss off everyone. Second, those plans don’t exist. Cathy Cox catered to the liberal elite who has access to the internet. She didn’t work for votes. She just tried to take them away from Mark Taylor and it didn’t work. Cathy never should have run in the first place. They would have made a great team together on the same ticket. And she could have developed a record that defined whatever IT is she is made of. Ego and ambition got the best of her and she will probably be ruined forever.

Finally, Taylor actually has a record of helping women and families. I know you don’t want to hear that, but there is a reason why he has so much support. He has worked for them. He has shown exactly what he stands for. You want to assassinate his character. Fine. Go howl away by yourself on your blog. Just know that you represent exactly what is wrong with the Democratic Party in Georgia when you start cheering for sonny. It’s truly sick. You are an activist of change. Too bad it’s change for the worst.

Amy Morton said...

Tactic #4: If you don't like the message, attack the messenger.

Ed Hula III said...

Hey Amy,

attacking the messenger is this blogs MO.

Ed Hula III said...


I know you have the intellectual honesty of a rock and have enough courage in your beliefs taht you are willing to censor other people's comments simply because you don't like them (contra 1st ammendment).

But, what does it mean when CC says I never once said my name. THen when we find out she did? Is she not a liar or is she being taken out of context...again.

Your conventional wisdom is such BS. Mark has already won TWO OTHER state wide, contentious races. CC, well, she hasnt.

CC gives us no chance. The GOP activists (read Peach Pundit) have essentially all said they were wrong about her campaign strength. Objective analysis tells you that she has run one of the worst campaigns ever. Grow a brain.

I have it on the most reliable sources ever that NO ONE in the MT campaign tipped off PP about that. But that doesn't mean anything to you because you live in a dellusional world where everyone hates MT because you think so. And it is easier to come up with conspiracy theories than explain a poor candidate now isnt it?

Don't go down the semantic road of debate or forum. MT didnt show up at a forum, you called it a debate. I have been to *THREE* events where MT was there, CC was supposed to be there but was AWOL.

Can't wait to see CC crying on her bday and switch to the GOP on Thurs.

Amy Morton said...

You're such a gentleman, Ed. I know that Mark is proud to have you as a supporter.

Amy Morton said...

Oh, and in response to your comment elsewhere. You've found me out. I really am a republican operative. That's why, I use my real name and make no effort to conceal my identity. That's why I've spent countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to help Democrats get elected -and not just CC. Yep, you've found me out. Darn.

Ed Hula III said...

yea and I am sure CC likes Mel on her team.

Remind me, how have Melanie's clients fared in elections? (Reminder, Howard Dean)

Ed Hula III said...

Oh and btw, since you seem to think that getting dems elected means checking the IP addresses of all posters for MT, why don't you out me? No, I'll save you the work, this is my real name, I don't get paid by MT, and I don't post from MT's office. Sorry.

Ed Hula III said...

Hey Amy,

sorry for three posts in a row.

If you are so committed to Dems and the Dem movement in GA, why do you want a REPUBLICAN in charge of a candidacy in THE DEMOCRATIC primary and have a candidate who is WILLING TO SACRIFICE the ideals of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY?

MT's job, to borrow the words of Tom Murphy (who you probably have disdain for because he refused to deviate for any reason from the party line), "is not to help Republicans. It is to help Democrats. They can complain all they want, it won't change anything".

Oh if only CC had such faith in the party...

Ed Hula III said...

oh and you are hardly lady like, and a sexist.