Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No One is More Surprised than Reddy

The Secretary of State's race on the Democratic side of the ballot was a hard one to call, and some were surprised by the result. I suspect no one was more surprised than Reddy who proved himself to be a excellent fundraiser and a committed campaigner. He may not be shocked that he lost, but I'll bet he's surprised that Angela "Vote or Die" Moore bested him. There were at least four candidates in that race that we should be proud to have run for office, and two of them are in the run off. I hope that Reddy and Holcomb will also find their way to elected office in the future.


Button Gwinnett said...

I'm stunned. I early voted and cast mine for Holcomb. Then I wished I had voted for Reddy instead. And neither made the runoff!!

I want to like Darryl Hicks but I hear him talking more about customer service than anything else. Of course, customer service is part of his background strength. But the SoS office is probably the most friendly state government office there is already.

Now I'll have to take a closer look at both Buckner and Hicks. I think either will have a tough time defeating Handel, who I expect to win the runoff on the other side. But lots can happen between now and then.

jo said...

I think Gail Buckner is pretty surprised as well.

LonelyDem said...

"But the SoS office is probably the most friendly state government office there is already. "
- Tel that to the pharmacists of Georgia that have to wait forever for a license or to the barbers who have to wait forever to find out their test results. Maybe you didn't hear about the Alpha fraterninty that sued the SOS office because they weren't allowed to use the NAtional Voter form. What about those 672,000 that didn't get a notice that they probably didn't have the proper ID to vote. Yup, customer service is just swirling beautifully at the SOS office.

Button Gwinnett said...

Lonelydem, my impression of the service at SoS is not a shot in the dark. Customer service is the one thing that most people agree is good at SoS.

There can always be improvements. But if you think the service at bad at SoS, I think you'll find yourself in the minority.

tribalecho said...

I adore your attitude. Let's build a Democrat Party. Especially one beholding to the likes of US.

Tina said...

As a Bd of Elections member in my home county, I can tell you that SOS and understaffed local boards work their hineys off to provide good service. I didn't see any Democrats in the SOS race who could be considered undesirable for the job. Buckner and Hicks are both good candidates, as were Holcomb and Reddy. My worst fear is that there was a "nativist" element in the vote that prevented Reddy, actually a homegrown Georgian, from making it to the run-off. Many Georgia voters would be hard-put to locate either India or Iraq on the map or to distinguish between their religious backgrounds. But Reddy ain't from either of those places.