Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One Ringee-Dingee, Two Ringee-Dingees....

Stebin Horne, in a runoff in HD 137, my home turf, has said that if elected he would take steps to put a stop to those irritating roto-calls. Now, I'm not a lawyer (Horne is) but at first blush, I' m thinking that just might trounce on the toes of the First Amendment.

Whether or not a law is passed that curbs the calls, I would favor one that makes them more honest. How about we pass a law that requires the candidate or organization who paid for the call to identify themselves at the very front of the call. "This call is paid for by______." That might at least cut out some of the nonsense of candidates paying for calls that "negatively promote" their opponent (like the calls into Middle Georgia about Jim Martin just before the primary.)

Public sentiment is strongly in opposition to the calls, actually even the calls with live people on the other end of the line, yet political experts seem to agree that the calls are an effective form of voter contact. What do you think?

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Tina said...

Maybe there would be a political "no call" list.