Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rep. John White of Albany Endorses Cox

Below is the text of his endorsement, forwarded by Mr. Charles Mathis who is also asking for your vote for Cathy Cox.

Hello, I'm Rep. John White of Albany. I represented Albany and Dougherty County in the State Legislature for over 20 Years. Today I am asking all Georgian's to Vote - Cathy Cox for Governor. I served in the Legislature with Cathy and Mark; and we must not trust Mark Taylor to lead this state for us. I was there in the Senate Chamber when Mark Taylor Insulted Georgia's Black Population. He preached from the well of the Senate; that "He was tried of paying for the sins of his Fathers and Forefathers", then he placed a plan before the senate that reduced Black voting strength which denied Many Black Voters the opportunity to elect candidates of choice to The Georgia Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives; now he has The nerve to ask Black voters to Reward Him with the Governor's Office. That's an Insult. I urge All Black voters to go to the polls on July 18th. And Vote For Cathy Cox. Cathy will be a great Breath of Fresh Air and the Positive voice that Georgia now Needs. She will make you proud that you voted for her. Thank You.

Cathy Cox for Governor: John White: Served in the Ga. House from 1974 to 1997 Tuesday July 18, is Election Day in Georgia.

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