Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sen. Staton Throws Pity Party for Ralph Reed

Poor Ralph. He's a victim. Just ask Cecil Staton. Today The Macon Telegraph published the following letter to the editor from Senator Staton. Here, Staton showed a typical yet profound lack of insight. Here's the letter

Ralph Reed a victim

We are saddened that political discourse seems to reach a new low with every passing election. Just when we ask, "How low can it go?" the ads just get more vicious. This has been especially true in the race for lieutenant governor. For more than a year, Ralph Reed has been the victim of a ruthless campaign to smear his good reputation and long list of accomplishments.

For the liberal media and Ralph's opponents, it would seem that a campaign to stop casino gambling in Alabama is more important than the real issues Georgians face like jobs, health-care costs, education or threats to private property rights.

We have known Ralph and Jo Anne Reed for years. As head of the Christian Coalition and the Georgia Republican Party, Ralph has invested his life in promoting and protecting our values. Ralph has been accused of no wrongdoing. In fact, a two-year inquiry in Washington rejected his opponents' accusations and said Ralph was hired by a respected law firm and did his job well. Casino gambling did not expand in Alabama because of Ralph's work.

Ralph Reed is a proven Republican leader. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland supports Ralph. Zell and Shirley Miller support Ralph. We encourage you to reject negative campaigning by voting for a proven R leader, Ralph Reed, on Tuesday, July 18, to be Georgia's first ever Republican lieutenant governor.

Catherine and Cecil Staton

I guess that settles it. By the way, I wonder if Sen. Staton supported Zell in his bid for Governor or whether he approved of him being Barnes' appointment to fill Coverdale's seat.


Georgia Common Sense said...

Ralph Reed is as devisive a candidate as has ever run for a Lt Gov position. He is frightening to me- a wolf in sheep's clothing- bathing himself in espousing Christianity while acting as an evil, unscupulous, amoral politico who will savage anyone for any reason, especially for money. At least Hillary Clinton doesn't pretend to believe in anything or anyone other than herself. She'll be more terrifying than Ralph since she's ready to run for a higher office.

Ed Hula III said...

Ralph is my boy!!!!!!!!

Just kidding just kidding.

Dems should want him to win the Primary b/c....

GA Dems cant raise funds to save the party. Literally. RR will give us a chance to raise funds nationally (and probably out raise the GA GOP).

Alot of GOPers dont want to vote for matter what. There are some RR-ites who wont vote for Casey, but far more who wont vote for RR.

He'll probably drag down the entire ticket, a little bit. But palpably.

What better candidate to move voters?