Thursday, July 6, 2006

Sins of our Fathers

Wow. I just heard Cathy Cox's new radio ad, and it is very powerful. It begins with State Senator Bob Holmes who says he was "there" when then-Senator Taylor spoke in favor of a plan that would've reduced to one the number of majority black congressional districts in Georgia. He asks members whether they are tired of being bullied and "paying for the sins of their fathers and grandfathers." What, exactly, does that mean? I do have the audio of this ad and will be glad to share it... as soon as I figure out how to upload an audio file.

I do have one question (and this is a partial answer to the quiz question I posted about Lee Parks the other day). The media has referred to Lee Parks as the attorney for the Taylor Campaign. On the website for the firm, the case Miller v. Johnson is listed among the firm's accomplishments. In this case, Parks represented the voters in a Georgia congressional district that had been intentionally drawn to create a majority black district. He successfully argued that racial gerrymandering violated the U.S. Constitution. The State of Georgia argued that the state had a legitimate interest in proportional representation. In a landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court held that Georgia's use of race, above all other considerations violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. ( Is this the same thing Taylor is referring to here in his senate speech or a different effort? It must be different because it is my understanding that this case addressed a third majority black congressional district that had been drawn.


Ed Hula III said...

If you go to any of the file upload sites they will create a link that I assume you could hyperlink to and then provide access to the audio.

As someone who never tunes in above 91.9fm id love to hear at least on of the ads.

Lyman Hall said...

You just happen to have a file of the radio ad already? I'm starting to think you are on CC's payroll like you claimed some others were on Mark's.
I agree that 15 year old remark was a poor one. I don't defend it, but also check out the AJC story about this ad. Rep. Brooks (a true leader) says the Lt. Gov. has apologized for the remark several times and has been forgiven by many. Has Cathy apologized for voting to force schools to fly the Battle Flag? Do you defend her vote or can you realize when your candidate made a mistake early on in her career?
By the way, if you remember the "Max Black" plan was being pushed by Republicans to create more Republican districts. By pushing black voters into fewer districts, it guaranteed that a few districts would have African-American reps, but many more surrounding districts would become heavily Republican. Not exactly a progressive plan.

Amy Morton said...

Actually, Cox did say that her vote was a mistake. I wonder, was Taylor's apology as passionate as his speech in the well? I wonder how Rep. Brooks feels about Mark choosing Parks as his counsel? Are you aware of the rest of his record? He's a stellar attorney, but...

You'll be disappointed to learn, once again, that I do not work for the Cox Campaign. Recording audio is not rocket science. Uploading it....I'm working on it. I do have a job, and a life...but I'm trying to figure it out. Any techies out there?? Ed- name a file upload site.

GetReal said...


No offense, but your shilling becomes more contradictory and less defensible with each passing day.

You may recall that I asked you and MelGX repeatedly what you thought of the rest of the Miller County Liberal article that contains the disputed Cox lottery statement. You have never answered me.

Go look at it again. It's still on that Taylor site ( In that article she attacks Zell Miller for trying to change the flag. The most telling part of the article is the paragraph that states, "The freshman representative stated that many of the issues and bills are racially motivated and that reapportionment had actually damaged some of the racial relations that have been getting better for the past few years."

If you do decide to break with your habit of ignoring my posts and respond, consider this. That article is in 1993. Before you say, "She was talking about people like Mark Taylor," remember that the Congressional redistricting that had just happened was what was eventually thrown out by the courts and led to the remapping where Taylor made the remarks in Cox's ad. So she's complaining about the Congressional map that had three African-American seats in it that she claims Taylor tried to undercut.

Also consider the full context of the article (like you should when looking at the statement about the lottery). It includes the statement, "She [Cox] told the group that reapportionment had divided cities and counties so that there would be a certain number of black districts. She stated that the district of which Miller County is a part is 75 percent white." This appears right before her laments about many issues being "racially motivated" and reapportionment damaging race relations.

In addition to the disputed (but I still think clear) lottery quote, she talks about how "we [she and her audience] are outnumbered in the General Assembly." Just what do you think that means? If it doesn't apply to the lottery statement (which must be your position if you think that the article doesn't indicate that she opposed the lottery), does it apply to her statements about many issues being "racially motivated?"

Also, I reread the AJC article about her sponsoring that bill to force public schools to fly the old state flag. I don't see an apology in there. I see statements that equate to "I know more now than I did then," and "People I trusted told me to do it." That is not the same as saying, "I was wrong and I'm sorry," which is what Taylor did a long time ago about the statements Cox is using in her ad.

Ed Hula III said...

sharefile dot com is one as is i believe ts called megaupload dot com

yea i dont listen to commercial radio at *ANY* cost so id like to hear t

Tina said...

After doing extensive research into little-known events of the past, which seems to be the current political trend, I find that Lyman Hall has been dead since 1790. Therefore I recommend that his remarks be considered in the light of his unfortunate and irreversible circumstances. Requiescat in pace.

Amy Morton said...

GR: I confess to not reading every comment on this blog and not responding to all that I read. I figure that you folks can talk among yourselves. I have heard Cathy say that her vote was wrong and that she later voted differently. Change is what I look for in the wake of repentance. It's hard for me to see Taylor's repeated "apologies" as anything other than being sorry for the politcal fallout of his remarks. Why do I feel that way? When you make remarks like that, and continue, for example, to have Lee Parks as your campaign's attorney, I question whether a change has occurred at all. As I have said before, excellent attorney, but check out his high profile cases.