Monday, July 24, 2006

State Senator Steen Miles endorses Greg Hecht for Lt. Gov.

State Senator Steen Miles, will announce her endorsement of Lt. Governor candidate, Greg Hecht, on Monday July 24th at 2:00. The announcement will take place on the west steps (Washington Street entrance) of the State Capitol. Miles, a former anchorwoman and Lt. Governor candidate finished strong in last Tuesday’s primary, garnering over 60,000 votes.


Tim said...

what a disappointing end to what could have been a great career. Steen was such a great state senator, wish she had stayed. By linking herself with Greg, the Hatchet, Hecht, she's ruining whatever good faith was left for her among many Democrats.

Amy Morton said...

She could've remained an effective voice in the senate.

GArunner said...

When did you start calling Hecht "the hatchet"? His campaign mailers may have been pointed, but they raised important questions of accountability. Do you think Martin has adequately responded? It's better to discuss these now than in the middle of October. Trust me, Casey Cagle is going to launch every negative attack he can (remember what he did to Ralph Reed?). Cagle will paint Martin as an out-of-touch liberal and the campaign will not have a shot.