Saturday, July 15, 2006

Taylor Appointments Short-Change Minorities

Mark Taylor wants to run on his record, saying that what he has done in the past is a predictor of what he will do in the future. He says that he is committed to opportunity for every Georgia citizen, and that commitment will continue as Governor. Nice verbiage, but let's look at his record . In today's debate, Cox pointed out that 50% of her upper-level management are African-American. On the other hand, blacks make up only one in five of Taylor's appointments to boards and commissions. Is this the kind of "opportunity" he's committed to?


Ed Hula III said...

yea hes so against minorities that robert brown endorses and supports him.


He's no more racist/hostile to blacks/unwilling to help out minorites as CC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyman Hall said...

These attacks aren't working. Polls are consistenly showing Mark with a significant lead in the African American community. No matter how many plantation flyers CC's campaign puts out, voters are going to reject the old Cox-Griffin, pro-Confederate flag politics on Tuesday.