Monday, July 17, 2006

Taylor to Retire From Politics

Yes, that's what Mark Taylor says. According to the AJC, if he doesn't win tomorrow, it's all over. He has no plans to ever run for another office. This is not a big surprise, but it does explain his slash and burn approach to this campaign. Mark's goal is to be Governor, and if that doesn't happen, he doesn't see a political future for himself.

On his trip around the state today, Taylor rode on his father's plane. What a metaphor for Taylor's political career. His father also provided the trust fund that awaits Mark and helped leverage the loan that allowed him to begin television ads three weeks before Cathy. That kind of privilege is exactly what most Georgians can't relate to. I'll say this, though: this is a family with resources, so it should be one heck of a retirement party!


Lyman Hall said...

Lay off the family for once. That is so petty. I don't see the difference. Didn't Cathy's lobbyist husband fly her around today (or was the plane still wrecked into the hangar)? She wouldn't be where she is today if her father wasn't in the legislature. She admits her heroes and mentors are Tom Murphy and Gov. Griffin. She was appointed to a high spot in the SOS office so she could run successfully when Lewis Massey ran for governor.

Both Mark and Cathy have used the resources they were blessed with to help make a better Georgia. They have both had wonderful careers in public service. Will you see that come tomorrow night?

tribalecho said...

Ok Amy. YOU are the winner, in my book anyway.

Two weeks ago I decided to go to the polls and NOT vote for either Dems for Guv.

You can have no idea what that means to me. Even having lived in GA since '74, and having been upset with GA Dems, like, forever, this is a new low.

First of all, they can't win. It was doubtful before they started savaging each other. But then they killed each other. Do we have a State Party here?

The really savage campaign ads, plus that Cathy Cox wouldn't even discuss the really bad Diebold deal, had totally turned me off.

Oh wait. B much preceded A.

But every once in a while I come back here. And I remember why Taylor has seemed so utterly nowhere for so many years. Like way, way before you guys were pointing it out.

So I'm going to vote for her on Tuesday. And it's mainly because of you. I hope you realize that that makes you a LEADER. And you should act accordingly.

I hope that after she wins, if she wins, she will run against the State Lege's. They did a lot of bad things to Georgians. Sonny didn't say much. But he signed off on all of it.

Amy Morton said...

Scolding accepted. :)

Amy Morton said...

I also think that this will be a very close contest tomorrow and do appreciate the struggle that many people have had with the decision to vote, or not vote and for whom. Cathy, I think and hope, has the courage to do the things that she has promised- make government more open to the people. That would be a step in the right direction. I'm glad that you're going to vote.

River Rat said...

aw shit, i think I just puked on my keyboard.....

tribalecho said...

Damn Amy, you'll do anything for a vote. Except this one thing, lie.

I'm going to vote your way because I think you are going to at least TRY to hold these people's feet to the proverbial fire. And you just might have a chance at making it work.

Thanks for the blog. Grrl.

decaturguy said...

Cathy promises to do a lot for Georgians, of course, unless you are a faggot.

Ed Hula III said...

oh yea, and CC has money too.

Ed Hula III said...

or he doesnt want to be a career politician?

Something wrong with that?

I kind of find it betterthat someone would say allright, I have had my loss, I understand and move on.

Methinks the state party will not want one of our (basically only) two statewide elctable candidates to ride off into the sunset.

Tina said...

I hope that guy doesn't puke on his keyboard. Sooooo hard to clean between the keys. Oh well, he can probably get a new one online for ten or twelve bucks.
What I wonder is how many of the anti-Cathy contributors to this site have been out working their butts off for their preferred candidates like you and I have? And how many of them have put their money where their mouth you and I have! If our candidate wins, we can give ourselves a pat on the back. You deserve more than one pat! If our candidate loses, we will at least know that we did the very best we could! Whew!

Ed Hula III said...

hey tina,

to answer your question, we've been doing ahell of a lot more than you have I would have to say.

Look at hte disclosures, many of us are on that list.