Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Thanks "Demblogs": Video and More on Taylor

Thanks very much to Demblogs who found and posted the link to the Savage Truth Test of the Cox ad. The full text and the video can be found here:

You can find the text of the Savage story and the video at this link:


The text contains more info than was broadcast, including the "rest of the story" about what happened to the fired workers who were replaced by prison labor. Much more on this tomorrow.

Here's a quiz for tonight. Lee Parks has been referred to in the press and the lawyer for the Taylor Campaign. In addition to suing Cox and Peter Jackson, what other kinds of litigation is Parks known for?


Ed Hula III said...

ps: still apologizing for being such a troll...

Ed Hula III said...

I wonder if the person who criticized the MTruth Test will do as much for this one.