Saturday, July 22, 2006

This Georgia Democrat Can Win. Who is She?

Down here in the Heart of Georgia, Democrats are poised to take a House seat back in District 140. Lauren Benedict, a local attorney and graduate of Mercer Law School, is challenging Republican incumbent Allen Freeman. In 2004, Freeman won this seat, in this Democratic-leaning district, by only 80 votes. This year, Benedict is well-poised to win.

Benedict, from a family of teachers and small business owners, is in a unique position to understand the needs of this district. She became an attorney in order to advocate for the working people in this state, and she wants to continue that work in the legislature. From a fundraising standpoint, Benedict has done very well. As of the last report, she had virtually the same amount of cash on hand as her opponent. She is a smart, determined candidate who has already begun knocking on the doors of people in her district. She has found that people are very supportive and ready for a change.

Whether or not you live in HD 140, Benedict is a candidate we can all support. In a year when we are trying to make gains in the legislature, this is a race we can win. Check out her website.


Lyman Hall said...

Who did Freeman beat the first time? Was it a solid challenger who ran a race or was it someone with just a name on the ballot? It would be great to pick up a seat in middle Georgia.

Amy Morton said...

It was a new, open seat in 2004 but covered much of the same district Ken Birdsong represented. Freeman's challenger was Joan Dixon, a retired educator, who had the makings of a great candidate but who did not run a very strong campaign. This will be a very different race for Mr. Freeman. Benedict has already raised double the money Dixon spent and has good, professional campaign staff. We can take this one back.

Tim said...

This is my old stompin grounds! Much luck to Lauren, a great candidate, who will make an awesome state representative for the citizens of Georgia.

Tina said...

Lauren is a solid candidate. I will be delighted to see her take a seat in Atlanta.