Sunday, July 30, 2006

The U.N. Needs to Grow a Backbone

Today the U.N. stopped short of condemning Israel's errant attack that killed more than sixty civilians, including many children. Are we really parsing words so carefully that we can express shock and outrage but stop short of condemning this incident? If the rocket had been one launched by Hezbollah, into Israel, would the U.N. have condemned the act? I suspect it would've been an easy call, and so was this. Israel says they were targeting rocket launchers, and maybe that's true, but to this point, their strikes have not exactly been surgical. Yesterday, before this attack, media reports indicated that more than half of the dead in Lebanon were children. And now this.

And by the way, while I am taking the liberty of talking about international affairs, I heard yesterday that 100 civilians a day are dying in Iraq, yet we stay the course. Can you imagine what might happen in this country if something was killing 100 innocent people every day, 3,000 people every month. Would we just stay the course?


Ed Hula III said...

It is difficult for the UN to intervene when a state is attacking a non state actor.

Israel's attacks have been surgical and amazingly precise because that is what they are capable of doing ans are best at.

Remember as well that Israel is attacking Hezbollah and Hezbollah is embedding its fighters in schools and other civillian buildings.

Before anyone says the US should intervene, this is Israel against Hezbollah, not Lebanon. And Hezbollah hates the US and wants to kill Americans. Sorry if we don't show them much love.

THe Iraqi war is an issue so complex (and one where my opinions are quite complex) that I won't even begin to think that I could adequately tackle that issue in a comment to a blog.

Amy Morton said...

Do you think that the US has the respect necessary to help resolve this situation?

Ed Hula III said...

yes because of several things;
1) Were the US to intervene against Israel, it would be welcomed by Arab nations,
2) the current temporary members of the UN Security Council are our friends, and
3) We still are the most powerful nation in the world. Even nations that dont like us want us to help out, and
4) as a realist (in int'l affairs) I believe international respect brings far less to diplomatic negotiations than relative and absolute power.

Once again, international diplomacy is an issue that can not be fully addressed in a response to a blog.