Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Where is Denise Majette?

Today the Macon Telegraph endorsed Darryl Hicks, Carlotta Harrell, Karen Handel, Kathy Cox and Gary Black. The paper said that Denise Majette failed to schedule an interview. What is Denise Majette thinking? Is she in this race? She blew off a candidate interview with a newspaper that has the third largest circulation in the state. I do not see her at any events here. Is she fundraising? Is she coming to metro events? Does she think that she's going to win this race based on her name recognition alone?

I was initially relieved when Majette threw her hat into the ring in this race. I would have preferred a candidate who had experience running a school system, but I thought that Majette could probably learn what she needed to know.

Georgia's schools are on life support, sucking up the bottom of the barrel by nearly every measure that can be applied, and one of the two Democratic candidates for state school superintendent is MIA. Frankly, neither Harrell nor Majette has ever run a school system much less a whole state's school system. I don't know that I can support either of these candidates and am beginning to think that our schools are too important for the selection of superintendent to be a popularity contest. Maybe this should be an appointed position.

Here's the Telegraph piece:


Lyman Hall said...

I decided to vote for Ms. Harrell. I met her at an event and was very impressed. Rep. Majette just doesn't seem interested in winning this race (or the Senate race last time). I hope people with give Harrell a chance.

Tina said...

As a retired educator, I am puzzled by this race. Am waiting for some informed "teacher talk" that is compelling enough to get my attention.

Tina said...

I'm not sure that an appointed school supt would guarantee better qualifications. Consider some of the other departments that DO have appointed directors......DHR has often had people in high positions that had NO qualifications in social services and were mainly interested in cutting budgets and services.

Button Gwinnett said...

Lyman, you'll be happy to know that I am considering voting for Harrell. I supported Majette over Cliff Oxford two years ago in the senate race, even though I preferred that she stayed in the House for a while longer. But I'm uncomfortable with all of the job jumping that she does.

I understand people have ambitions and they tend to think down the road. That's a smart thing to do. But for School Sup., it's been too long since we've had someone truly committed to improving education. And that's just an area that can't go without effective leadership any longer.

Anyway, I'm leaning towards Harrell at the moment. And I will support whoever wins in Nov.