Monday, July 17, 2006

Why Democrats Must Win in November

By this time tomorrow night, I hope that we know who the Democratic nominee is for Governor. Then, all the people who have sparred with me and each other over Cox and Taylor can enjoy dissecting Perdue. My preference for Governor is not exactly a state secret, but beyond the person, there are very good reasons to want the nominee to win. Here are just a few of the things that are at stake:

* Georgia will rapidly follow South Dakota to make abortion illegal.

* Republicans will continue to starve our public schools.

* Republicans will seek a constitutional amendment related to the Voter ID law.

* Republicans will move to restrict adoptions by gay couples and individuals.

* Republicans will give greater latitude to developers.

*Republicans will continue their efforts to return government to the shroud of secrecy.

*Republicans will cure Medicaid by dismantling this critical safety net.

Is that enough to convince you to support the nominee?


tribalecho said...

Man. Or Amy. Is that all you got. I know to 0many people who would go along with this crap, but who have other reasons to be against the so called conservative agenda.
Simplicity is a luxury we can no longer aford.

ps. sorry, I'm just being drunk now.

tribalecho said...

Sorry. Sorry. I didn't mean to make us,or me, vulnerable, But.........

Being told, day after day, that I'm a traitor for thinking that it might be a bad idea to wonder if that Palestinian Problem, might, have something to to do with Terrorism, has been getting on my one last nerve.

Tina said...

I'm sober enough, and old enough, to know that Republicans are all about taking $$ out of little pockets and putting it into big pockets. If protestations of piety will help accomplish this goal, they'll do it.