Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yet Another Deceptive Attack on Martin: Is Hecht Responsible?

Tonight, down in the Heart of Georgia, phones were ringing. "Orlando" who is with the Gay and Lesbian League called urging voters to support Jim Martin who has always supported issues important to their community. For instance, according to Orlando, Jim was the first of the candidates to oppose the constitutional amendment defining marriage. I thought, I need to call Jim's campaign and tell them that this is a great message for me, a great message for metro, but that I thought that if this call was going into rural Georgia, they needed to fine tune their targeting.

Turns out, the targeting was quite deliberate, but it wasn't Martin doing the targeting. This call did not come from the Martin Campaign. The clear intent of these calls was to dilute support for Martin in rural Georgia. How insidious. How deceptive. How unethical. I can't say for sure who did this, but after the two nasty mailers Hecht sent out this week, let's just say I'm suspicious. Someone who thought that they would benefit from trying to erode Martin's support in rural Georgia is behind these calls, and I think that whoever did it ought to step forward and take their licks.

Yesterday, Mark Taylor said that nobody runs rougher or meaner campaigns than Republicans. I don't know about that. Between Taylor's casual relationship with the truth and Hecht's tactics, it seems as though Democrats have plumbed new depths of dishonest, dirty campaigning. It appears that candidates will say or do anything to get elected. If they can justify such dishonest, underhanded tactics when running for office, while they are in the glare of public inspection, imagine what they will do behind the scenes if elected. This is disgusting.

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Nonviolent Activist said...

You rock! HECK with Hecht. He has sunk so low...
really it is sad to see this crap happen...but it shows the true colors of both Hecht --bleak, anti-gay, anti-woman to MARTIN-pro-equality and will stand up for us ANYTIME.
Thanks for your blog. I talked about at the campaign office. Nice to know smart energetic activist!