Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Complete With Sonny Trolls

In the last couple of days, I have re-launched the main Georgia Women Vote! site, and it appears to have come complete with Sonny Trolls. Who else thinks that, despite the dismal Kid's Count data that drops us from 39th to 44th in overall child and family well being, Georgia is doing just fine by our children and families?

There is a poll on the issue on the site, on the left near the bottom. Check these results, and if you agree, so be it, if you disagree, click over and let the Sonny Trolls know the facts. Here are the results, so far:

You're the teacher. Grade the 2006 Georgia legislature on how well they protected families and children.
A - Excellent (114 Votes) [ 64.0%]
B- Good (8 Votes) [ 4.5%]
C- Average (5 Votes) [ 2.8%]
F- Failing (51 Votes) [ 28.7%]

1 comment:

Tina said...

Amy, issues-based websites seem to be magnets for trolls with time on their hands. That's why I post only events on my blog. It surely does save me a lot of grief. You are much more generous with your blogspot than I am! I didn't set mine up to give Republicans a stump to preach from. They just want to pester you! What they really need to do is get their own blogs and take their stale old opinions with them! And in closing let me say that you are a great Georgia Democrat! I appreciate all that you do!