Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Elves at Georgia Women VOTE!

Attention hackers and poll stuffers: you leave finger prints.

Over at the Georgia Women Vote! main site, elves have been stuffing the polling box and attempting to hack the site. I thought it was odd that a website, dormant for months, would get over 700 hits and 299 polling "votes" on the first day. It was especially odd that all my Democratic women viewers seemed to be toeing the Republican party line in the polls.

Allen Freeman, the Republican in the race I was polling, was so excited that he sent out a press release from his e-mail address at at about 10 PM on Monday evening. Seems he was watching closely. (By the way, isn't a little odd that a Republican legislator is trolling on Georgia Women VOTE!?) Anyway, I checked my logs and discovered that all those pageloads and all those votes were cast by only fifteen different computers. 164 of the pageloads were from someone at, and somebody with a Mac was apparenly trying to hack the site. Whether they were successful or not, I will know soon.

So, we've tightened security and are in the process of securing the polling module. Freeman thought that I was took the poll down because he was winning. Actually, it was those darn Elves!

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Ed Hula III said...

hmm...I went to the site and there seems to be no profile for Ms. Buckner (next SoS).

Why is it that 100% of the male candidates have profiles but only 50% of the females have profiles? Eh? I sense malfeasance. :D